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The Effects of Obsessive Computer Games Playing on Children’s Activities

The effects of obsessive computer games playing on children’s activities. computer games are very popular with children and teenagers because of their extremely entertaining nature.

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The Effects of Obsessive Computer Games Playing on Children’s Activities

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. A lot of children, who are attracted by these games, quickly become addicted to them and would spend hours and hours infront of their computers with their eyes glued on the screen and their minds fixed on nothing else. s the game requires sitting and no physical activity children spend increasing amounts of time infront of their computer, which is likely to increase their risk of obesity, backaches , eye and hand injuries, and even heart deseases. Besides, spending a disproportionate amount of time on one leisure activity at the expense of others will cerainly prevent social development. As aresult many children lose touch with their friends and become lonely. ast but not least, in many cases, these games are accused of being responsible for low performance at school since homework is often neglected or undone and many children finally drop out of school. For all these reasons, children should be taught to use computer games safely in order to avoid the types of eye, back, and hand injuries. Besides, parents are advised to control their children's choice of games and to limit the time spent on these games

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