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Physics Viewed As Difficult Subject: Education Essay

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Presents, the research workers are concern about the involvement of pupils in larning Physicss, as it is unhappily diminishing. As a research worker semen pedagogues, they would non wish this to go on. So they try to accommodate new manner of instruction and do the schoolroom go more piquant, originative and interacting with the pupils. The research findings are based on literature reappraisal demoing that pupils have troubles on conceptual apprehension in Physics. What are the causes that make pupils dislike Physicss? How is Physics being taught in Brunei Science Education?

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Furthermore, this subdivision will besides include ways to work out this job, on how teacher need to alter their instructional attack such as improvizing learning manner i.e. be more synergistic in heightening pupils ' better apprehension in Physicss with the aid of information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) such as Synergistic simulation. It besides include a reappraisal on how effectual is ICT and synergistic simulation in Physics instruction can be in pupils ' apprehension and acquisition. Likewise, attitude of the pupils besides play critical function in their accomplishment of that peculiar topics. Other surveies will besides include on how ICT or synergistic simulation can act upon their attitude towards larning Science will be included.

Simulations have been around practically since the coming of computing machines, and research workers have been looking at schoolroom utilizations of simulations for over 20 old ages. We want to see the effectivity of computing machine simulations for back uping scientific discipline instruction and acquisition and foregrounding ways that simulations can be best used to make so. ( Smetana, 2000 )

Computer simulations help the lesson to be more synergistic, reliable, and give meaningful larning chances possible to pupils. Learners can detect, explore, recreate, and have immediate feedback about existent objects, phenomena, and processes that would otherwise be excessively complex, time-consuming, or unsafe. ( Smetana, 2000 ) Even though the computing machine simulations can non replace scientific discipline schoolroom and research lab activities wholly but they offer assorted advantage in footings of pupils originative thought and enquiry accomplishments. ( Sahin, 2006 ) . With the aid of computing machine simulation besides, it can assist explicate the inside informations of what go on in such as atom motions of solid atoms where it truly difficult to visualise in existent life. ( Blake & A ; Scanlon, 2007 )

Brunei Education Systems: SPN21

In 2009, instruction system in Brunei had reformed to SPN21 instruction system where the end is to supply holistic instruction for pupils and to accomplish the fullest potency for all in the close hereafter. Harmonizing to Yussof, ( 2012 ) , cited in SPN21 Curriculum more balanced, 2012, SPN21 provide quality instruction for all to fix the young person for their hereafter grownup functions as capable and originative thought citizens who can lend to society. In add-on to that, Masdi, ( 2008 ) besides emphasized that Science and engineering is important in developing a competitory economic system and prolonging a state 's development ( SPN21 to hold new scientific discipline course of study, 2008 )

Harkirat, ( 2006 ) stated that the manner the instructor Teach scientific discipline in Brunei are largely traditional method i.e. chalk and talk. Furthermore, the instructors felt advantageous in learning this manner as this can understate the schoolroom subject as the pupils are busy copying notes from the white board. As a consequences, post accomplishment of this type of learning method shows really small betterment. ( Dhindsa, 2006 ) Surveies made by Pengiran Jadid, ( 2007 ) found out that 185 instructors ' learning manner in secondary school turned out to be reasonably traditional i.e. they taught the pupils with auditory and ocular method nevertheless some of the pupils would non preferred this method. ( Bostrom* , 2011 ) .

In SPN21 instruction course of study, learning methods need to be alteration to accomplish with the ends. Rahman, ( 2011 ) stated that one of the instructors that join Leadership in Educational Programme ( LEP ) stating that school instructors were told to seek to use new and advanced methods of learning to assist the students cope with the execution of the twenty-first Century National Education System ( SPN21 ) . This encouraged the pupil to transport out their most suited or preferable manner of larning such as researching on the Internet. This will decrease the pupil 's dependence on the pedagogues while they learn at their ain comfy pace.A ( Jong, 2011 )

Physics viewed as hard topic

Harmonizing Abdul Qadeer Soomro, ( 2011 ) pupils find Physics as one of the debatable countries within the field of scientific discipline. Reason for this is that instructors taught Physics traditional direction. This magnetizes fewer scholars than other field of scientific discipline topics. William ( 2003 ) , province that the major general grounds for happening Physicss uninteresting are that it is seen as hard and irrelevant particularly female pupils.

The worsening figure of pupils taking to take Physicss during their farther surveies continues to be a cause for concern for scientific and educational communities around the universe. ( Defty, 2006 ) Students find Physics hard as they have to postulate with different representations such as experiments, expressions and computations, graphs and conceptual account at the same clip. Harmonizing to Redish ( 1994 ) , he explains why pupils describe Physics as hard: Physicss as a subject requires scholars to use a assortment of methods of understanding and to paraphrase from one to the other, covering with tabular arraies of Numberss, graphs, equations, diagrams and maps. Physicss besides requires the ability to utilize algebra and geometry which relate to mathematics topics. This makes larning Physicss peculiarly hard for many pupils particularly those pupils who do non like to job resolution.

Muhall, et Al, ( 2001 ) besides added that particularly in electricity and magnetic attraction as instructor find it hard to present this lesson as they barely show what truly traveling on inside a circuit particularly. Electricity is a peculiar job, as it involves highly complex and extremely abstract constructs and therefore wholly dependent on theoretical accounts so that pupils could easy visualise and understand the constructs. In order to make these, ICT can assist teacher in explicating the hard abstract.

 ICT in Physics Education

The rapid alteration in development of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) has made important impact in transforming many facets particularly education in general and higher instruction in peculiar. It is besides significantly importance for the instructors to understand the accomplishments and cognition required in utilizing ICT peculiarly in Physics instruction. ICT alteration instructors ' function from spoon feeding the information to pupils to ease pupils to research new information. ( Lubis, et al 2011 ) In order to guarantee that pupils are competent in the country of larning engineerings, instructors tend to alter their attitude and present new ICT tools and engineerings into their Physics categories. ( Jarosievitz, n.d.)

Besides that, surveies done by Tasouris, ( 2009 ) , instructors in Cyprus thinks that with the aid of ICT in Physics instruction pupils can research in-depths the hard constructs, motivate pupils and heighten their scientific apprehension by researching the alive images in synergistic simulation for case. ICT besides enhanced active acquisition among the pupils. They can work on existent life jobs in deepnesss and most significantly doing larning less abstract. With ICT besides encourage collaborative acquisition in footings of interaction and cooperation among instructors and pupils. Unlike static-text and print based text books, with ICT pupils can really see what really happens in certain phenomena for illustration motion of inactive charges in stuffs.

Quite figure of surveies has stated that technology-rich acquisition environment has a positive impact on pupil acquisition. Surveies conducted by Fraser, B & A ; Aldridge, J, ( 2003 ) which look intoing whether results, focused and ICT rich larning environment promote pupil accomplishment, attitudes towards capable, attitudes to utilize of ICT and academic efficaciousness. They found out that surely technology-rich larning environment has a positive and important consequence on pupil acquisition, attitudes towards capable, attitudes to computing machine usage and academic efficaciousness.

With that engineering assisted direction truly helps pupils to develop a conceptual apprehension of abstract representation of physical scientific discipline as it emphasizes simulation, visual image, life, etc. Hence, to heighten pupils ' deeper mental imagination ( Fisher, D, 2003 )

Effective instructional attacks: Traditional Teaching Style vs. Interactive Simulation

Effective instruction must include two major constituent i.e. teacher directing out information, and pupils receive and exchange feedback. Major job presents is instructors still comfy of utilizing chalk and speak as their instructional attack. This is because they do non hold clip as they were pressured to complete up course of study and continue rapidly to boring alteration. Brunei instruction system is largely assessment based. This influenced the instructor to merely learn and hotfoot to finish the course of study content without even acknowledge whether the pupils really grasp the construct.

To avoid this, ICT is introduced as one of the instruction tools that might assist pupils in their acquisition and made instructors ' life easier in footings of explicating hard construct in Physics peculiarly. One of the ICT tools that happen to be truly assisting teacher account better is synergistic simulation. Teacher can really utilize synergistic simulation in on-line site for case Phet.

Phet stands for Physics instruction engineering, where the instructors from other state come up with synergistic simulation in each topic and portion to other instructor where they can download it and accommodate it to the schoolroom. The suite includes over 50 research-based simulations that p the course of study of introductory Physics every bit good as sample subjects from advanced Physicss and chemical science. ( Perkins, et al. , 2006 ) The synergistic simulation are free and does non necessitate to utilize cyberspace services. This simulations are designed to be extremely synergistic, prosecuting and do unfastened larning environment in the schoolroom that provided alive feedback to the pupils as good. This simulation supply instructor and pupils higly ocular, dynamic representations of Physics constructs. Furthermore, the simulations seek to construct expressed Bridgess between pupils ' mundane apprehension of the worl and the implicit in physical rules. For illustration in electrostatic, utilizing simulation as the theoretical account to explicate the inactive charges truly behave if initiation or conductivity bear downing apply to the stuff etc.

Alessi & A ; Trollip S.R. , ( 1991 ) defined simulation in instruction as a powerful technique that gave pupils some facet of the universe by retroflexing or copying it. The simulations besides allow pupils to interact with it in a similar mode to the manner they would respond in existent state of affairss. Students besides play an reliable function transporting out complex undertakings with the simulations.

Simulation incorporate an engaging and synergistic attack in the schoolroom as it is more towards pupil centred acquisition. This allows the pupil to research, be funny and generate critical thought. It besides helps developing in constructivism as pupils learn by constructing on their anterior apprehension through a series of geographic expeditions. This besides ignites the pupils ' involvement in happening out new things in certain subjects. Furthermore, this aid teacher to explicate the microscopic with the designed theoretical account available. Simulation can be used non merely in schoolroom but besides in research lab. Where instructors can utilize it to put up the experiments that are took clip to put up, or even the practical that is really unsafe to make. ( Noah Finkelstein, 2006 )

Figure 1 and figure 2 below are illustrations of synergistic simulation that can be used in the schoolroom.

Figure 1: Simulation on Kinematicss and Energy

Figure 2: Simulation on Force applied

Harmonizing to Bozkurt & A ; Ilik, ( 2010 ) it has been seen that the groups who study with computing machine simulations are more successful than those who study with traditional methods. In add-on, the analysis that has been made sing beliefs of the groups shows that the instruction methods play a function on pupils ' beliefs.

With the aid of a powerful simulation many of Physics topics which are hard to learn and present can be made simpler and clearer harmonizing to Zacharia & A ; Anderson, ( 2003 ) . In Shirley Pasion Caday research, the survey reveals that there is a important difference between the average pre-test tonss and average post-tests tonss of the experimental group in the trial on scientific discipline constructs. She besides concluded that computing machine simulation experiment is an effectual tool to capture the involvement of pupils toward the acquisition of Physics as a topic. ( Caday, 2004 )

Research workers analyzing the usage of simulations in the schoolroom have reported positive findings overall. Studies done by Kulik, ( 2002 ) computing machine simulations can be effectual in developing content cognition and procedure accomplishments, every bit good as assisting advancing enquiry and conceptual alteration. It besides helps pupil gained understanding and achievement capable countries, for case Physics. Harmonizing to Ajmian & A ; Fatim ( 2007 ) survey, the understanding per centum in the pupils ' larning utilizing multimedia oriented package is much higher, and the consequences are promoting. With synergistic simulation it can better pupils ' visual image and particularly in assisting pupils to see construction in phenomena and processes that are traditionally 'invisible ' to pupils i.e. a procedure that can non be seen by bare oculus 'small procedure ' i.e. motion of protons or even 'big procedure ' i.e. motion of Earth as stated by Lindgren & A ; Schwartz, ( 2009 ) . On top of that, with the aid of synergistic simulation it can rectify pupils ' misconception in Physics. However, synergistic simulation still can non replace existent research labs as pupils truly necessitate the scientific discipline accomplishment procedure ( psychomotor sphere ) in making the experiments. However, the usage of synergistic simulation gives pupils the thoughts of what to anticipate in existent research lab experiments hence, Choi & A ; Genarro, ( 1987 ) province that simulations work best and effectual if the experiments require cognitive interaction.

Students ' attitudes and achievement towards learning Physics

Students ' attitude is likely to play critical function in any satisfactory account of their public presentation in schools which is suggested by Schunk & A ; Hanson, ( 1985 ) . Harmonizing to Hendrickson, ( 1997 ) , attitudes are the best forecaster for appraisal of pupils ' success. One survey had been done in Turkey where they indicate that scheme direction can act upon the attitude towards larning Physics. In Mehmet, ( 2009 ) survey, he provides some grounds which indicates the correlativity of positive-ness of pupils ' attitudes towards scientific discipline with instructional scheme in Physics. Equally long as instructor avoided traditional attack in their instruction, this will increase pupils ' involvement and more positive towards the topic. It is realized that Physics is non a popular topic among the pupils and is regarded as hard. If the instructor taught in traditional instruction manner, pupils are prone to memorise the expression for tests since they do non follow the Physics constructs in the schoolroom. Therefore, traditional Physics categories frequently result in pupil failures and negative attitudes towards the topic. ( Mehmet Sahin, 2009 )

Ogunlele, W ( 1993 ) in his surveies besides stated that many pupils developed negative attitudes towards Physics acquisition as a consequence of the fact that instructors are unable to fulfill their aspiration or ends or even their wonder in Physics subjects. Another interesting survey done by Onyinye & A ; Okereke, ( 2012 ) their research showed that pupils negative attitude towards Physics were due to, instructors non leting pupils to execute practical separately because of deficient equipment in the research labs in other words non plenty hands-on experience. Students felt that they have lack motive for category battle. ( Erylmaz, 2011 ) . It is good known that negative attitude towards a certain capable makes acquisition or future-learning of the pupils hard. Therefore, Guzel, ( 2004 ) emphasized that developing pupils ' positive attitudes towards scientific discipline lessons is the most of import intent of scientific discipline instruction.

Most research workers agreed on how attitude of pupils towards certain capable might act upon their ulterior public presentation or accomplishment in their acquisition. The more negative pupils ' position or involvement towards the topic, it will do pupils non to execute better in their survey. Fraser, B & A ; Aldridge, J, ( 2003 ) reveal that pupil academic accomplishment is positively correlated to the pupils ' perceptual experiences of the acquisition environment.


The literature reappraisal suggested that, with the aid of ICT and synergistic stimulation, these can assist to better Science instruction. In which it can assist teacher to explicate abstract things better. Students will understand more, clear out misconception and avoid rote larning finally. Teacher besides bear in head that to integrate utilization of ICT in pupils learning, non merely utilizing ICT in explicating but allowing the pupils use the ICT in order to research new things and being synergistic in the schoolroom. This will do the schoolroom more to pupils centred. In the hereafter, hopefully with the appropriate and changeless usage of ICT and synergistic simulation in schools might develop pupils with rich ICT accomplishments in order to carry through state 's vision in 2035.

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