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Students from Rural Areas Often Find It Difficult to Access University Education

The higher education in remote area has been limited by the geographic condition. An argument that has been raised is that the university education should be accessable for students who live in remote areas. This argument is justified in my view, as outlined in the following paragraphs.

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The first point in support this is that having an equal opportunity on education is the basic human right for a resident. That is to say, nobody should be deprived the right to study at university due to the geographic disadvantage.

Examples of this include the Australia which there is an clear law principle states that every resident ought to have the equal right to gain education. Which means the government has the obligation to solve the problem for rural area residents. The second matter to raise is that the local economy in remote area could be promoted if the residents could accept university education in a easier way . higher education usually allow the resident to have better skills and more employment opportunities. Through this, the local economy can be improved .

In remote areas of Australia, there are farms which need qualified workers, agriculture professionals and managers to assist with running the farms. Thus, those professionals who has higher education could offer more valuable services and promote the overall economy. In summary ,I believe that making it easier for rural resident to access university education is not only an equal right for education, it is also the way of residents in remote area to attain the knowledge and promote local economy. Thus the improvement should be made to the condition of rural college education.