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Pestle: Retailing and Convenience Stores I-J

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Employment Laws

Employees have to make sure that they are following the employability laws and employ the people who are entitled to work in I-J and providing them with the minimum wages as per the law.


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Price competition: A very important factor for the convenience stores in I-J the small chain stores such as Landis and Crosscurrent will have a increased competition within the industry from small and independent convenience stores. Not only those they will also have a price competition with some discount stores such as Lid and laid Government tax and inflation rates: Convenience stores in the I-J have to accordingly plan their pricing strategies based on the inflation rates which are increasing every year.


Lifestyle changes: delicate shopping patterns of UK consumers increase market competitiveness. In the I-J consumers do shop more than once a week, which makes hem spread their spending throughout the week to other convenience stores as well as the store they use for their main shopping. Health concerns: consumers have become more health consciousness and therefore avoid eating ready meals and opt to cook from scratch.


New developments: Not all convenience store have the facility of a self-service checkout but this has been a major technological development for the stores. Do you know that 

Government Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes?

It also enables consumers to shop quickly and avoid long queues on the tills. Mobile technology: new APS created to find the nearest convenience stores around you such as the app called around me Pestle: Retailing and Convenience Stores By Johnny New developments : Not all convenience store nave the tactic toot a sell-service employability laws and employ the people who are entitled to work in UK and such as the app called around me Pestle analysis draft to cook trot scratch.

Pestle: Retailing and Convenience Stores I-J essay

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