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The advantages of a corporation are: 1- Shareholders have limited liability for the Avoidance debts or trials against the Avoidance. 2- Shareholders can only be held accountable for their investment in stock f Avoidance. 3- Ability to raise funds through sale of stock. 4- Ease of ownership transfer, Ownership in a Avoidance is typically easily transferable. 5- Limited life, A corporation's life is not dependent upon its owners. A corporation possesses the feature of unlimited life. UP.....

The mobile phone industry has seen a great deal of technological change, Technological a significant impact on a company's market economy whenever evolved technology the company must pursue this development in all its aspects. Avoidance has been able to pursue development and become one of the global ammunitions companies, and provides its customers with benefit of: 1- Network coverage for calls and data across almost 100% of the population by distributing towers everywhere in the region. 2- A wide range of handsets and airtime plans to suit every type of customer. - Access to messages, email, the internet and the sharing of images, videos and music through mobile phones and video call , Speak with more than one person in the same time. 4- The advent of 3rd generation (36) mobile phone technology is bringing with it a providing more services, Avoidance can now offer a wide variety of content to mobile hones with this new technology. Market Structure: -The collection of factors that determine how buyers and sellers interact in a market, how prices change, and how different levels of the production and selling processes interact. Leers of a standardized product, -The types of market structure include: (1) Perfect Competition: many Monopolistic Competition: many sellers of a differentiated product and also called competitive market. Few sellers of a standardized or a differentiated product. (3) Oligopoly: (4) Monopoly: a single seller of a product for which there is no close substitute. Pestle c for avoidance mobile By slips (5) Monopoly: This is the market situation where there is only one buyer in the market.

Oligopoly: is a market where there is a small number of buyers for a product or a service. In this market structure, buyers have power over the seller. (7) Price discrimination: if one product or service has different price for different buyers which is provided by the same provider. -The Market Structure of Avoidance in the developed countries Monopolistic competition, where there are a large number of firms, each having a small proportion of the market share and slightly differentiated Services. -And

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Monopolistic Competition deviates from the model of perfect competition in several points: Perfect and monopolistic competitions are both forms of market situations that describe the levels of competition within a market structure. Monopolistic Competition perfect competition A monopolistic market is one where there are a large number of buyers but a very few number of sellers A market with perfect competition is where there are a very large number of buyers and sellers who are buying The Sellers sell goods which are different to each other.

This is what causes the high competitiveness The Sellers sell n identical product. The sellers are therefore forced to keep the prices of these goods in line with the current market prices. This is what causes the little competitiveness Monopolistic competition describes an imperfect market structure Perfect competition explains an economic theory of a marketplace which does not happen to exist in reality.

There are few barriers to entry and exit There are no barriers to entry or exit Task 2: MI Demand elasticity on Avoidance products in the case of a monopoly: In order to better understand the allocation efficiency gains from regulatory reforms it is crucial to have knowledge about demand elasticity, for which demand elasticity play an important role, the mobile demand elasticity have played a significant role in the debate about the regulation of mobile termination rates As understanding demand elasticity has become important for a better regulation of mobile markets and the underlying cost-benefit-analyses.

Can also distinguish between short-run and long-run demand elasticity for both pre- paid and post-paid customers. A fall in price leads to increase in purchases and an increase in prices lead to decrease in purchase. The demand elasticity for mobile electrification markets used two different approaches, while the first approach is based on highly aggregated data on country or regional level; a second method to measure price elasticity relies on individual or survey data of consumer behavior. Independently of whether aggregate or individual data has been used, relatively moderate price elasticity. It Vetoed monopoly to the market and there is no company competition, there will be sensitivity of demand, the customer will be forced to buy services from Avoidance, but Avoidance must provide the latest services to customers, and as Avoidance monopoly of the market, it means they will be controlling the price of the product and it will Check more of total revenue, but can't raise prices as you want because there is a government monitor it. MM.... SOOT analysts: SOOT analysis is a technological tool through which strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats of the business.

Strengths and weaknesses are considered to be internal factors affecting the company, whereas threats and opportunities are external factors. -Strength: 1- Strong management can help Avoidance I-J reach its potential by utilizing strengths and eliminating weaknesses. - Pricing Power: Customers typically rebel against price increases by switching to competing products, but if a company has pricing power, customers will continue using Avoidance Auk's products and services. Avoidance I-J has the ability to charge customers higher prices. - An innovative culture helps Avoidance I-J to produce unique products and services that meet their customer's needs. 4- Financial leverage allows Avoidance I-J to use their balance sheet to expand their business and increase their profits. 5- Asset leverage allows Avoidance I-J to use their best operational assets to expand their business and improve their market share. 6- A strong supply chain helps Avoidance UK obtain the right resources from suppliers and delivery the right product to customers in a timely manner. 7- Size advantages lower Avoidance Auk's risks.

The larger Avoidance I-J gets, the more resources they have to pursue new markets and defend themselves against rivals. -Weaknesses: 1- An inefficient work environment means that Avoidance Auk's goods and services are not being utilized properly. 2- A high debt burden increases the risk that Avoidance I-J goes bankrupt if they make a poor business decision. 3- A weak supply chain can Ella the arrival of products to Avoidance Auk's customers. Unnecessary delays can hurt Avoidance I-J over the long run, because customers will cancel orders. - A tarnished reputation can hurt Avoidance Auk's brand in the eyes of a consumer. 5- Bad acquisition can hurt Avoidance I-J by increasing their costs and reducing the value of their combined businesses. 6- Weak management increases business risks and reduces profits for Avoidance I-J, because they are responsible for the health of the business -Opportunities: 1- Fragmented markets provide many opportunities for Avoidance UK to expand and increase market share. Fragmented markets have many small competitive who lack the cost advantages of larger companies. - Leveraging the balance sheet allows Avoidance I-J to quickly expand into other markets and products, especially in fragmented industries. 3- Acquisition Synergies 4- The online market offers Avoidance the ability to greatly expand their business. Avoidance I-J can market to a much wider audience for relatively little expense 5- Greater innovation can help Avoidance I-J to produce unique products and services that meet customer's needs. 6- New services help Avoidance I-J to better meet their customer's needs. These services can expand Avoidance Auk's business and diversify their customer base. - New technology helps Vetoed UK to better meet t customer's needs with new and improved products and services. Technology also builds competitive barriers against rivals. -Threats: 1- A bad economy can hurt Avoidance Auk's business by decreasing the number of potential customers. 2- Volatile currencies make Avoidance Auk's investments difficult, because costs and revenues change so rapidly. 3- International competitors are numerous and difficult to combat, because they can have many competitive advantages that give them an advantage over Avoidance I-J. Intense completion can lower Avoidance Auk's profits, because competitors can entice consumers away with superior products 5- Changes to government rules and regulations can negatively affect Avoidance. 6- Consumers can change their tastes very quickly. Avoidance I-J depends on knowing which goods and services consumers want... 7- Politics can increase Avoidance Auk's risk factors, because governments can quickly change business rules that negatively affect Avoidance Auk's business. MM...

PEST analysts: This is an environmental audit tool that analyzes the external environment of a business. The term, PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological business environment. It forms part of the external macro- environment analysis when a company is conducting market research. -Political: 1- Maintained firm relationship with TRAIT to license operations of its various services and features. 2- Political pressure may be brought about regarding the use of mobile phones by children and the possible health issues associated with mobile phone use. - Infrastructure: Building the infrastructure needed to support the network usually requires permission from the government and statutory bodies to use their lands. - Health issues - there is still no definitive public opinion on the effect of mobile phone usage by people and also the possible health effects of the closeness of phone masts to schools. 5- Mexican market has own communication act so the Avoidance has to follow this act and change policy related to this act. -Economical: 1- Indian telecoms sector is directly contributing more than 1. 5% GAP to the growth of economy. - Mobile telecommunications system in India is the second largest in the world with a subscriber base of more than 650 million. 3- Cost of licenses - the cost of acquiring mobile phone licenses is very high. - 36 - the bidding war for 36 licenses happened at the height of an economic boom and consequently the price paid for them was extreme. 5- There are constant price wars between the providers and there are very few markets where there is monopoly controlling the mobile market. 6- Global economic issues like the global financial crisis of 2007-2010 are also economic factors affecting Avoidance. Social: 1- Due to the rising popularity of Backbone, Avoidance tried to engage users through it. 2- Education: the people take a good decision for which product and company better for them so it's also effect to the Avoidance. - Changing work patterns that are becoming very popular make people work trot none increasingly relying in communication technologies. 4- Ageing population in developed countries that are going to affect Avoidance directly or indirectly. - Technological: 1- Technological innovations are one of the main important technological factors that have an impact on Avoidance. - The introduction of 3rd generation (36) mobile phone technology is bringing with it a better mix of content and providing more services. Avoidance can now offer a wide variety of content to mobile phones with this new genealogy 36 will help to increase their sales revenues. 3- Emergence of Alternative Technology: that present indirect competition for Avoidance is another technological factor the company has to deal with. Most of them are internet based and include (Seep, Yahoo, Messenger and others).

Task 3: If Avoidance entered the market in Syria, it leads to: 1- Change in the market from a monopoly to monopolistic competition 2- As the global Avoidance would become more and more competition between companies 3- People have many choices 4- Increasing technology "into new services for mobile, such as video calls" 5- Other impasses are seeking to increase their offers to keep customer 6- Provide opportunities for work 7- Offers low prices to the customer Permanent. 8- If Avoidance entered the market will be a threat for other companies because of reduced their profit.

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