Pest analysis of uk retail banks

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To develop skills to analyze and evaluate, both qualitatively and inattentively, the performance of people responsible for strategic decisions To bridge the gap between theory and practice by developing an understanding of when and how to apply the concepts and techniques learned in earlier courses in marketing, accounting, finance, management, production and information systems To develop a better understanding of the present and This is a 3 credit hour course, comprising 3 hours of teaching per week. Pest analysis of UK retail banks By Allendale 1 You can contact your module instructor in the following ways: Email:

Tail_paracha@comsats. Deed. PC Meeting: By appointment only or during the office hours (arranged prior to coming) At the end of the course, the students will be able to: Scan the external environment of any organization and identify the key aspects environmental factors having an impact on the performance of the overall industry and the company being analyzed Using Michael Porter's Framework evaluate the overall attractiveness of the industry Identify the various strategic groups operating within the industry Identify the drivers of change for the industry

Identify the key success factors for a given industry and evaluate the performance of the major players in the industry on these factors Identify the opportunities and threats posed by the environment by using external factor analysis matrix (FEE) evaluate a company for being responsive to these environmental factors Evaluate The value chain process of any company and identify the strengths or weaknesses of each activity Using internal factor analysis matrix identify evaluate the overall standing of the company in terms of strengthen weakness Using the Strategic Position ND Action Evaluation (SPACE) matrix, Boston consulting Group (BCC) Swarthmore matrix, and GE Business Screen Matrix identify the portfolio structuring of a given multi-vasoconstriction Able to identify key strategic issues faced by a given compartmented and defend a course of action for the company to pursue that would achieve the desired objectives

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