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Personal Purpose

At a very young age, I began to be fascinated by the role of money in our day today lives, this allure grew and it influenced my goals. It’s with great deliberation that I have decided to pursue the Master of Finance course in your esteemed institution, since it is harmonious with my goal of being a Financial Analyst.

It’s the confluence of personal and professional experiences, that has led me to choose this path. My childhood was influenced by my parents, who steadfastly believed that I should give my best to both academic and extra-curricular pursuits. I was a part of the debate club which gave me the tools to understand the important issues, while having a balanced perspective on them.

I have also been studying Indian classical music and dance for nearly a decade, which led to an appreciation of arts, regardless of their origin. During my Grade 12, I spent some time voluntarily tutoring students in my class in accounts.

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Accounts is a strength I am proud of, for it is also one of the pillars of my ambition. I also worked with various nonprofit organizations where I tasked o work for the welfare of disadvantaged animals from getting them vaccinated to finding them loving homes.

This meaningful work has left in me a strong love for all creatures great and small. All of this had a great impact on my person, it molded me into being extremely independent and proactive. I staunchly believe that hard work beats talent where talent doesn’t work hard. This attitude was tested when I applied myself complete my graduation and then start work to put my knowledge to practice. After my graduation I got a splendid opportunity to intern in Transaction Advisory Services at BDO India (erstwhile MZSK and Associates).

The department specialized in valuation services, due diligences, other structuring options. Dealing with different assignments across industries, I began to notice the importance of financial management. This slowly encouraged my passion for finance, which led me to understand myself and helped me create a road map to achieve my goals. I strongly believe in having a hands-on approach while solving and making key corporate decisions.

I came across this graduate program, and it fulfilled all that I need to further my career goals. The coursework is exemplary covering all aspects required to propel one into the profession of finance. I firmly believe that the Management degree with finance as its core shall broaden my knowledge and provide necessary insights I seek, made me absolutely convinced to work towards this program. The strong focus on world class faculty and a vibrant university life also clinched my decision to apply to your university.

I would like to further assert that this program would provide invaluable significance to my life and academic career. This program will give me opportunity to study with like-minded individuals and the fortuity to collaborate with premier faculty both of which would impact my person greatly. Therefore, it would be an absolute pleasure to be admitted as a part of this program.

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