People All over the World Prefer to Watch Foreign Films

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Foreign films such as the Hollywood blockbusters have been prevailing globally and enjoy a wide range of fans, which poses a tremendous threat to the local film industry. A comprehensive analysis concerning the reasons of this phenomenon and whether the government should provide financial aid to support the local film industry will be discussed in this essay.

Why such a substantial number of people are willing to see foreign films are mainly attributed to three factors, including the fine production, human beings’ nature and individuals’ needs. The first and foremost reason is foreign films, especially those blockbusters are constantly involved with the advanced elements, such as the amazing visual effects and acoustics, which largely helps the films, like The Smurfs and Avatar, to win a sizeable percentage of audiences throughout the world.

Born to be curious about all fresh ideas and exotic cultures, people could obtain a substantial number of information through seeing a foreign film. This would satisfy human beings’ nature of curiosity. In conjunction to that, individual purposes, such as going abroad to have further education might be another factor that needs to be taken into consideration, for seeing a foreign film where actors and actresses all speak the native language might be the best way to master this language.

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However, the locally produced films seem to reach a bottom in comparison with their foreign counterparts and it is highly suggested that the local government financially support this industry. On the one hand, films are the carrier of a country’s culture. Supporting the local film industry will enable the widespread of its culture and this seems an essential approach to help a country be more powerful in the world.

On the other hand, the boom of this industry would, to a large extent, produce an increasing number of job positions and consequently, the unemployment rate in this country might substantially decrease, which will contribute to its social stability. In conclusion, it is reasonable for foreign films to enjoy the popularity at an international level in terms of the merits that they may possess; while it is also necessary for the local government to support the development of local film industry through all possible manners, financially, in particular.

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