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Professor Jarvis The Dream Freud believed the dream to be composed of two parts, the manifest and the latent content. The manifest content can be thought of as what a person would remember as soon as they wake and what they would consciously describe to someone else when recalling the dream. That's all the stuff that literally happens in the dream. Freud suggested that the manifest content possessed no meaning whatsoever because it was a disguised representation of the true thought underlying the dream.

The latent content holds the true meaning of the dream, and the forbidden thoughts and the unconscious desires. These appear in the manifest content but will be disguised and unrecognizable. Although in rare cases the manifest and latent content can be indistinguishable. Freud believed that the latent content of dreams is suppressed and hidden by the subconscious mind in order to protect the individual from thoughts and feelings that are hard to cope with. By uncovering the hidden meaning of it, Freud believed that people could better nderstand their problems and resolve the issues that create difficulties in their lives.

I dreamed that once I was an older man playing in the major leagues and was on my way to the hall of fame when all of a sudden while I was taking a flight to the particular area where my game was held the plain had a tragic crash. Freud insisted that dreams are a form of fulfilling suppressed wishes. If a wish goes unsatisfied during the dreamer's normal day, the mind reacts to this 'internal stimuli' by transforming it into a visual fantasy, allowing the dreamer to satisfy his or her esire. The result of which is a peaceful night's sleep.

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This makes me think that the concept of Freud's theory is accurate because of the way the content worked when I woke up and how my thoughts worked. I was so scared but was understanding by how the dream worked. Freud's theory is completely valid because it makes sense when we fall asleep and your curtains are drawn, the dream acts as a protector to you. It calms the mind and relates to your thought and wishes and doing bad or good things while you are asleep. Freud's work was solely concerned with nternal stimuli.

Essentially, for a person to continue to sleep undisturbed strong negative emotions, forbidden thoughts and unconscious desires have to be disguised or censored in some form or another. Otherwise, confronted by these, the dreamer would become distressed and they would eventually wake up. Therefore the dream, if understood correctly, could lead to a greater understanding of the dreamer's subconscious. During my dream I felt very special but the night that I fell asleep I was in a stressed mood and anger was drawn in my veins.

It seemed as if the dream acted as a barrier as Freud states in his theory, I woke up feeling like a new person and it comtorted me. While the plane was talling in my dream I nad a weird feeling before that I couldn't believe the certain tragedy was about to happen but waking up and knowing I was alive changed my whole aspect of looking towards life. Freud makes me thing of when I fall asleep what dream I have a what I can do to notice what is wrong with me or what problem is running through my mind.

If I have mental dream with violence I will be able to state my well being and know what wrong with me. I can help get therapy for a certain bad dream I had and why it took place. I completed agree with Freud's theory and will take it step by step each dream. We have learned many things in this analysis of Freud. We have discussed the importance of Freud's dream content theory and what their meanings include. Over the course of study in Structure of Mind and Behavior, we have learned about mental and psychological histories and incidents that relate to Freud's dream theory in a eneral way.

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