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A midsummer nights dream By william shakespeare

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Midsummer night's dream is one of the classic romantic comedy plays of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is the one of the best writer who ever lived.

He deeply looks at the society with a very different perspective. In his play midsummer night’s dream he has depicted the feelings of love and desire with a very different point of view. Exact year when Midsummer night's dream was written is not known but it is supposed that is written around 1595 or 1596. (William Shakespeare biography and works, 1)

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In A Midsummer-Night's Dream, for the first time, Shakespeare uses an 'outside force' which interferes in and controls the affairs of men. Oberon moves unseen, unheard, and unsuspected to the solution of the sole problem of the play (so far as the mortals are concerned) -- that of restoring Demetrius's love to Helena.

Although he differs in form and nature from Shakespeare's later notable forces of control as markedly as they differ from one another, the fairy king is like them all both in his essential dramatic function and in the attributes which enable him to perform this function -- superior power and superior awareness.

Like the Fate that operates throughout Romeo and Juliet (according to the Prologue) and the Fate of which the witches are the visible figureheads in Macbeth, but unlike Duke Vincentio in Measure for Measure and Prospero in The Tempest, Oberon is supernatural and immortal. Like Vincentio and Prospero, and unlike Fate in the tragedies, he is benevolent. Like Fate itself and unlike the others, he remains always invisible to the mortal participants -- but, unlike Fate, he is visible to us. Like all the others except the Fate of Romeo and Juliet, he makes observable contact with mortals, either directly or through an intermediary.

Also like all the others except the Fate of Romeo and Juliet, he requires special aids or 'props' in wielding his power.

Unlike all the others, he is concerned quite incidentally with the affairs of mortals. And, finally, he fell a little short of the others' omniscience and omnipotence: under his direction things can temporarily get out of hand.

The play is a light entertainment comedy that has three main plots interlinked with each other firstly the celebrations of the wedding of Theseus the Duke of Athens, to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, secondly the mishap created between the couples and the involvement of the fairies in the scenario.

The story mainly revolves around the two couples who are in love with each other but a little mistake creates chaos and comedy in the story. (A midsummer nights dream- Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 1)

The play starts with the scene in Athens when four days left in the wedding and the celebrations and preparations are at their peak when Egeus arrives complaining about his daughter Hermia. With him Egeus brings two men Demetrius and Lysander. His problem is that he wants Hermia to marry Demetrius but Hermia is in deep love with Lysander and refuses to marry Demetrius.

Her father continuously forces her for the marriage and also threatens her to marry Demetrius or either he will kill her or banish her according to the ancient law for a disobedient daughter.

The Duke reminds Hermia of her duty as an obedient daughter to respect her father's wish and marry Demetrius and that she has time till the new moon to make up her mind regarding this matter otherwise the Duke will have to forcefully enforce the ancient law.

Hearing this Hermia and Lysander decided to save their love by escaping from Athens into the nearby woods and then getting married in nearby town away from the ancient law. Hermia tells her plan to her best friend Helena who is a babble mouth and had been in love with Demetrius and can do anything to get his affection and love. She spills the plan of Hermia's escape in front of Demetrius and hope that they can catch Hermia and Lysander in the forest. (A midsummer night's dream, 1)

In the forest the King of Fairies Oberon and the Queen of fairies Titania are having a quarrel about an Indian orphan boy that who will have the boy. The king wants the boy as his servant where as the queen is not allowing him demanding that she will keep the boy. (A midsummer night's dream, 1)

Desperate to have the boy the king orders his most faithful fairy Puck to go and search for the magic flower, whose juice when dropped on some one’s eyes the person will fall in love immediately with the first person he sees after waking.

Oberon had the plans in his mind that Titania will fall in love with anybody she sees and in return he will get the boy for himself. Puck brings the flower and puts the juice in the eyes of the sleeping Queen. The tradesmen in Athens plan to perform a crude play about Pyramus and Thisbe at the wedding of The Duke

The troupe of the players that are going to perform the play includes Nick Bottom who is a weaver and thinks he is very much clever and efficient that the role he’s playing will make the play a big hit but his fellows do not think so they decide to go and rehearse in the woods.

A midsummer nights dream By william shakespeare essay

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