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Ownership Essay

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I own the idea that I eve this other human. For instance, love my family and they love me. There isn't a mastermind programming us to love each Other, we own the idea that this is our family and we love us. When I was a little boy, would steal from our candy jar and one day I got this yucky feeling in my belly that I was doing something naughty. So went to my dad and after he explained what was doing was wrong and then it clicked that my actions were wrong so apologized. What I did was realizing that my actions were wrong and so I owned up to them. We own our actions whether we want to or not.

Actions take a split-second for us to decide to act on what we saw and if so, positively or negatively. No one else telling me what to do, it's just me and my thoughts. So what are thoughts? The literal definition of thought is "An idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. " The literal people would say that the brain is the most powerful thing in the world. But what makes the brain so special is not that it controls our body, but that it controls our thoughts. Whenever we listen to a good song the brain tells the body that it likes it so we get that little tune tuck in our head.

Whenever get test back that I didn't do well on, I get that sinking feeling and I get sad. Then the next time a test is coming up, I study and try to get a better grade. My thoughts reminded me of how bad it felt to get a bad grade and to do better next time. Both scenarios are my own thoughts; it's just me doing what my brain tells me is right and putting my actions to it. Love, our actions, and our thoughts are all examples of things that, even if we don't want to, own. These are all intangible things that we cannot see nor can we keep.

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