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Military' and then answer the required questions based on that analysis. First the organizational behavior analysis must be understood so that It can serve as a planning tool for leadership and management. The organization behavior analysis basically shows how the people within the organization are working together within it. This can lay out whether the organization Is living up to its purpose, responsibility, expectations or mission. Since the U. S. Military is much more than a specific organization, this can be more than Just one's personal view and thus must e based on the ethics, rules and expectations of the leaders of the military.

Type of Culture What type of culture is the U. S. Military made up of? The type of culture for and organization will fall into or even a possibility of a mixture of one of the different organizational culture types: 1. Pluralism- is when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique or specific cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture of the organization, provided they are consistent with the laws and values of that organization (Pluralism, 2012). 2. Dualism - Is the system of two separate cultures, holding to their own beliefs and views with accord to the others.

The Canadian society and constitution is considered dualism as it was settle by the French and the English and both are given equal Rights. 3. Salad Bowl - is a combination of many deferent cultures that are mixed together such as in a salad (e-notes, 2012). Even although these different cultures are thrown together they do not mix but stay separate within the culture of the whole organization. Based on the definitions of the different types of cultures, the culture within the U. S. Litany would have to be the "Salad Bowl" culture.

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Even although once you join the military and have the culture within as a soldier following the military set rules and ethics, you have many different cultures. You have the different Latino groups within the military from the Puerco Ricans, the Mexicans, the Cubans and many more. Each stay within their own cultural groups off duty and even within these groups you have sub-groups of cultures such as the New York Puerco which consider themselves different from the northern Cubans within their own cultures. You have the "born and proud to be southern" culture, hard line religious ultras from Catholic to Muslim.

There are the ones who consider themselves African American Blacks as well as Blacks who consider themselves African. All of these cultures are accepted within the military as long as no rights of other cultures are infringed or intimidated by your culture, and none of the activities based on your culture are illegal based on the laws of the military code of conduct. Communication One of the most important tools within the military is considered communication. This communication is both verbal and written but the emphasis is put on verbal for lily activities.

All leaders are taught communication skills from the different Schools they must attend within their enlistment. But today due to the considered high stress of the military in combat situations and high rates of suicide and other personal incidents communication skills are pushed throughout the command (Analogy, 2011). The military prides itself on all types of communication. Awards, medals, citations, promotions many say are not what or how well you did it, but how well it was written about. But this communication is small in comparison to the daily verbal communication.

From the start of any military career with the daily orders being shouted by the Drill Sergeant, to the open door policy of every unit commander, communication is expected and directed. This allows the leaders to know what soldiers are thinking, allows friends to let the leaders know when one of their own may have problems with any recourse, and as a whole as long as the line of communication is open information keeps from becoming a blocked problem. Authority The Authority in the military is simply based on position and rank. All enlisted are controlled by the higher enlisted soldiers.

Soldiers of equal rank answer to that of the position, such as two sergeants may have the same rank, but the one with the position such as Squad Leader is the one in charge. One soldier may even outrank another on select mission such as A Master Sergeant (MUGS) may have to follow a Sergeant First Class (SEC) on a mission due to the SF being the Patrol Leader (PL) or Mission Commander (MAC). All enlisted fall under the officers and they are based again on rank and position as well. All military members then fall under the defense secretary and then the President of the United States (POTTS).

It is always stated that no matter what the rank there is only 6 or less positions of command between the lowest enlisted soldier and the Commander In Chief, (POTTS). The rank in the military is earned and awarded, there is no way to buy or start at higher ranks they must be earned with time, schooling and experience. Motivation As the military is an all-volunteer force since the end of the draft after the Vietnam War, the motivational requirements are not as hard as they were years ago. There are still times with specific individuals, but as a whole motivation is based on a few basic principles.

First you do what you are ordered as it an order and punishable by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCM) to not obey any "Lawful" order given by a superior officer or NCO. Lawful was stated as no unlawful orders must be obeyed or may be punished for ad's-obeying. As a fact, if an unlawful order is given and known to be unlawful, the person following it is as guilty as the one who orders it (LOC, Even with the laws being the number one motivation, other motivations are used such as time off. When a soldier does extra well on a Job many times a reward of a pass or liberty is given.

Awards are given as motivation to distinguish those who do above the basic requirements. And of course promotion and pay, with rewards also come's promotions and with promotions come higher pay. This is this ultimate motivations and leads back to that of the UCM as well. For to not follow the rules, one can lose rank and pay, this is a big motivator within itself. Virtual Organization With the places the military is around the world, virtual elements are used constantly. POTTS, Commanders and other staff get to watch real mission being streamed in real world time, as that of the killing of BLOB.

Meetings are held by units played at multiple locations hourly throughout the day. Many soldiers video chat to loved ones back home from some of the most perilous locations today through virtual means. Soldiers have watched their children born, graduate, play sports and all in real time through virtual means while deployed around the world. Years ago these actions from streaming, meetings and letters took days to weeks. But now from real times to only seconds of delay these actions are conducted by the U. S. Military and their personnel.

Analysis Implementation Once leaders within the military understand the analysis and behavior of the Litany organization they can lay out plans. These plans are from the most basic to the most intrinsic mission plans. Housing soldiers is a common daily Job for leaders who receive new soldiers. As it is not a problem to understand to put men and women in separate quarters for basic reasons but how to bunk and room others can be a hassle. Even although they will do as told, how to make it better to keep moral? This will go first back to the different culture of individuals. Where are they from? Are they religious, and if so what religion?

Are they a Gamer in today's society? These all gust be looked and when housing soldiers. Next, what motivates the individual, while stated, soldiers will follow orders how to get it done, and the quickest and best way must be looked at. If a person likes attention, then maybe a basic citation or formal acknowledgement in front of others at times may be their motivation. But others may not like the public view, maybe they want time off. Maybe they Just want personal acknowledgement in a monthly or quarterly review between them and you the boss only. Each person must be looked at based on the analysis conducted for this motivation.

Will it be difficult to get the individuals to work together? With all the analysis, culturing, many times there are internal problems that make individuals not work together. This is where the communication portion of the organization comes in. Will the individuals tell you the leader why they can't? Will others tell on the two or three who may be causing the problem, but to fix the problem not to get into a he said she said argument breaking the group apart more? Only if communication was established and constantly ongoing can all of this and the above analysis be conducted to start.

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