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Organization Structure Paper

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Disney is a well-known organization across the world and with the magical experience everyone experiences when visiting any of their theme parks has a lot to do with the training each employee has. Each employee receives special training in their field at the Disney Institute where a structured learning environment is used.

The institute offers a wide variety of classes including Disney approach to people management, approaches to quality service, approaches to creative leadership, approaches to orientation, approaches to HRS, customer loyalty, and other business related classes based on the participants needs. The training each individual receives offer deals with several organizational behavior concepts such as decision-making motivation, group behavior, communication, organizational culture, organizational structure, and human resources practices.

A big organization eke this creates an organization chart which is based on process and broken up into teams starting from the story idea, the designs, the characters and many more. Walt Disney wanted his company to employ the best of the best and that they all received training in their specific fields and with that said he wanted to the employees to make every visitors experience a memorable one. There are many different amusement parks around the world that Disneyland is one of the biggest one but besides that, we have Six Flags Magic

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Mountain which was founded by Warner LeRoy in 1974. With Six Flags the organization's structure is a little different from that of the one Disney has they are an honest and responsible organization and take accountability for everything that is done. Disney has a training institute where all employees are trained for their specific field and are taught well on what they do and training for employees but it is not as thorough as that as Disney, Disney emphasizes on giving all customers a memorable experience.

Another amusement park that also carries an organizational structure is that of Cedar Point located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in the United States, also similar to Six Flags had an organization where individuals are trained to give the most to their customers and provide them with a friendly environment. These organizations are there to give an exciting memorable experience to their customers and they need to have the best training out there.

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