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Key elements of the Organization Structure and Functions of Each

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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer He foresees the overall operations of the company. He chairs all the board meetings, and is a ceremonial figure during celebrations such as the annual Najim Chairman’s Awards. He signs approvals for major decisions, e. g. the big orders like that of Boeing 777 in 2005 which was worth Dhs 35. 7 billion. He communicates changes and instructions to the President, whom they will in turn work together towards the achievements. The position is currently held by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum. 2. Emirates President He doubles up as the executive vice chairperson.

This position is currently held by Mr. Maurice Flanagan CBE. He assists the executive chair in meetings of the board and is the senior public relations officer of the firm. He attends international and other external meetings affecting the firm. 3. Executive Vice President - Engineering and Operations He overlooks the Engineering department of the firm. He issues instructions, and work together with the company’s engineers to ensure safety in all the firm’s Airbuses and Boeings. They also oversee the technological upgrading of the planes for enhanced safety and efficiency.

This office also checks new planes before they are put into use to ensure the set standards are attained. 4. Executive Vice President - Human Resources This is the office which is in charge of staffing, promotions, and demotion of the firm’s employees. He is required to design new ways of labor provision and satisfaction, and employee motivation schemes. 5. Executive Vice President - Dubai Airports Services This is the officer who overlooks all the operations of the airports in Dubai. He checks for congestion in the facilities and need for expansion of runways, and their servicing.

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He currently plays an important role in the proposed Al Maktoum Airport which is designed to carry six-lane runways, and set for completion by around the year 2021. 6. Divisional Senior Vice President – Cargo This is the officer in charge of the luggage collection, transportation, and distribution division of the Emirates. He ensures proper operational and procedural requirements are met in the airlines’ operations. The cargo planes and handling equipment are sourced by the firm in liaison with this office. (Dnata, 2009) Organization culture Emirates Airlines adopts the academy culture of organization.

Their employees are maintained, are highly skilled and trained, and it performs psychometric tests on them to ensure they are given portfolios they can deliver best in. This has helped the organization to leave the employees decide on their own for the whole organization’s achievement. The leadership positions are often filled by employees from within the entity. All employees are motivated to stay in the organization, and are always made to rise up the ladder of ranks. (Carter, 2008) Motivation Programs Emirates Airlines have several programs geared towards employee motivation. Employees are recognized for their outstanding performance.

They are awarded annually through the yearly celebrations known as Najim Chairman’s Awards. For last year’s celebrations, 20 employees were awarded for achievements such as saving passengers life through quick and witty actions, and cost saving events. The organization also offers training and development programs to their employees through their Emirates Aviation College, or through their education financing programs. Employees who are deemed to be showing excellent results are entered into the program to help them further their knowledge, and foster the company’s growth for even more competitive positions.

(Ajou, 2009) Decision Making System Decision making in the Emirates, just like any other successful organisation, has its unique structure. The decision making process in the organization is all inclusive. All the subordinates and management are encouraged to take part in the process. New proposals by the subordinates which are likely to warrant new decisions being made are forwarded to the management, then to the Board which is the biggest decision making organ of the organization, for approval. Communication System

Emirates Airlines operates an open door system in terms of communication. There is vertical and horizontal communication system. The firm ensures the efficiency of communication through use of current technology e. g. internet and paging systems. They have ensured that communication is acted upon the soonest possible, and that delivery of the same is fast enough. Major changes and restructuring are communicated downwards through the divisional heads and managers, or even through extra ordinary meetings.

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