One of the Examples of Sociological Imagination

Last Updated: 14 Mar 2023
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This essay will tend to discuss the act of committing suicide. According to Schneidman suicide is defined as the direct and conscious effort of killing yourself, it is regarded to be the breakdown of a person's copying skills. Suicide is one of the examples of sociological imagination. Sociological imagination is the ability to understand the intersection of one‘s own biography and other biographies with history and the present social structure you find yourself and others. It is understanding the private in public terms. Suicide is usually associated with suicide attempted suicide, parasuicide and completed suicide, li a person is thinking or aiming to commit suicide, we refer to this suicide as suicide. Attempted suicide is when someone is trying so hard to commit suicide but ends up failing in doing so Para suicide is when a suicide attempt is motivated by a desire to draw attention to other personal problems rather than a genuine wish to die.

Completed suicide is when someone is trying to kill himself and ends up succeeds in doing so In most completed suicides, a person is taking his own decision without asking help or guidance from a health care professional.  The social acts that may lead to suicide are stressful events and situations, serious illness, abusive environment, mood, the feeling of being excluded or discriminated against. The most common cases of suicide are loss of a loved one by death, break up and rejection. Sometimes communicable diseases like HIV/Aids and noncommunicable diseases like cancer can lead to suicide if they did not give him or her advice for coping with the disease. Ninety percent of people who commit suicide drink just before the act.

Suicide rates are very high in teenagers especially those who use drugs and alcohol, men over the age of 65 have the greatest rate of suicide. Suicide risk is also higher in children who have lost their parents through death. People who once attempted suicide in the past are in a high risk to commit suicide. Even people who experience emotional or sexual abuse ends up committing suicide. Most people who think of committing suicide usually show warning signs like wishing or thinking of death and whenever that person is around people he or she will always be talking about suicide, saying words that are hopeless. Sometimes they change their behavior, for example submitting poor work when previously was of a high standard or engaging in substance abuse or other destructive activities.

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Sometimes they isolate themselves from family and friends by showing a lost of interest in things they used to enjoy. The other obvious signs are difficulty in concentration or remembering, decreased energy, early morning awakening and oversleeping, People who usually socialize with other people are easily identified when they are up to something which is not good, for example when a person is exhibiting warning sign for suicide can be easily identified because that person receives support from caring friends and family If a person you know is displaying signs of suicide, you must ask that person if he or she is depressed or thinking of committing suicide.

If he or she is thinking to do so, you must advise them to go and see a psychologist you must not leave that person alone because he might get an opportunity to commit suicide If possible try to ask for help from friends or other family members and remove all the weapons and foreign objects next to that person which he must use to commit suicide. Suicide can have a very bad effect to your relatives. They can suffer from a guilty conscious and stress. They can feel guilty thinking of that they are the cause of your death and have a wish of that they could have tried to stop you from committing suicide. Your friends can feel like they are failures because they did not notice that you are depressed.

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