Observation and Gross Motor Skills

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Observing a child can be a fascinating experience. It’s amazing to see how a child can view something so different than an adult. I recently observed my niece. Her name is Unique. She was born February 9, 2011, and is now two years and four months old. I observed Unique on June 4, 2013 from one until about three in the afternoon, at daycare with just her teacher present. After leaving daycare I continued to observe her for a few more hours once she got to her grandmother’s house, with her aunts present. Unique has one older brother and has just started daycare this year.

Unique has amazing fine and gross motor skills, which is having a better control over her hand and finger movements; also having ability to control her arm and leg movements more. I watched her turn pages in her Dora book without any problem. As she finished looking through her book we scribbled together. Unique held the crayons perfectly, with both her thumb and her finger. I also watched Unique climb up and down off the sofa. We went outside for a few and I noticed how well she kicked the ball back and forth with her aunts that are ten and eleven.

Unique gets together with daycare friends and begins to play games such as matching, coloring, going to play together outside. As they come together everyone is happy and enjoying their selves. I notice that everyone had a smile on their faces and in a good mood, everyone interacting in a good way, there wasn’t any negativity. When getting together with adults she can be very alert and outgoing. She repeats a lot of what is being said. Unique talks and listens to what is being told. Unique and teachers are in the classroom having learning time.

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Teachers ask questions and sing songs as she answer the questions and sing along. Cooperating and enjoying learning time with the other kids. These observations can tell a lot about Unique and her development in many areas. Her development in different areas is good and understanding. I would consider the way she interacts and acts with others appropriate for her age. She is advanced and gets along with others very well when doing things such as talking, playing and laughing with others.

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