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Neuro-linguistic programming is a study of the structure of how human beings think and interpret their world in a subjective manner. NLP comprises of neurology, language and programming which are involved in producing human experience through an effective structured communication. Neuro-linguistic programming portrays the elementary dynamics taking place between the mind, language and how they affect our body and behavior during their interaction.

NLP is a multi dimensional process involving strategic thinking and understanding of the cognitive and mental practices behind behavior and the development of behavior proficiency and flexibility. This system helps in bringing about personal improvement in an individual through interpreting and translation of the human discernment, experiences, language and beliefs (Caroll, 2009). NLP operates under a principle that success can be achieved by reduction in negative practices by increasing the positive habits belonging either from an individual or the best habit of great models in the society.

Individual who wants to achieve a certain success in life do undergo Neuro linguistic programming where they are modeled by the psychotherapists for key behaviors which will enable them to get an exceptional outcome in their field. This psychotherapy and organizational approach is based on the interpersonal communication which is primarily concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior of individuals and their subjective experiences.

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NLP seeks to educate people about the importance of self awareness and effective communication which can only be achieved through a change of mental patterns and their expressive behaviors. Once the combination of neurology and language has been coined, it will result to achievement of great goals in life. In nursing career, psychologist will be more capable in addressing depression, phobias, habit disorder, learning disorders and psychosomatic illnesses. This approach helps in fostering self determination by overcoming any limitation thus emphasizing well being and healthy functioning in life.

Neuro linguistic programming study was intended to better what we can do for it operates under the key fundamentals of emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, those people who would wish to improve their personal and professional effectiveness they can do so more comfortably by learning the skills of successful and outstanding people they would like to be in any field through Neuro linguistic programming (Dilts, 1983). The psychotherapists work by gathering information and later challenging a client’s language and their thinking and impact them with a new thinking and perception which will guarantee the best result.

In psychotherapy, NLP through the reframing techniques influences practices by changing behavior through shifting of their meaning by impacting positive connotation of a thought or behavior. Furthermore, the major purpose of NLP are therapeutic, interpersonal communication and persuasion especially business communication, sales, interpersonal influence, sports coaching, public speaking, negotiation, team building and management training. Hence, it helps in achieving ones goal be it in business, health or enlighten given that success and failure are not random.

Most of people’s negative perception and failures is the outcome of what they were taught either directly or indirectly in their process of growing up and that is why they usually associate themselves with negative feelings. The good news is that most of these beliefs, values, environment, behaviors, capabilities, identity and spiritual purposes of ours are changeable towards a better success from failure. NLP works through a technology which model how successful people do what they do in order to live healthy and succeed in life and later transfer that knowledge to others.

The structure of the failure individual is also modeled given that both success and failure has got a structure and the one is modeled on how they can achieve amazing success. Lastly, one will be directed on how to deal and manage the old structure by replacing it with the new acquired strategy which will guarantee him/her extraordinary triumph. This technique involves a series of behavioral, cognitive and emotional steps one needs to take so as to reach the required results through a tested model which have produced brilliant people.

In nursing, NLP plays a big role of enabling nurses to deal with allergy of their patients given that allergy in most circumstances do have a root in people’s past and their identities where it guarantees over 60 percent success rate cure for allergies especially in its canned form. As a cure to phobias which are simple emotional trajectory and it assures an average of 95 percent success to those people who were suffering from phobias. Furthermore, NLP helps to deal with traumas of the past and fears of heights, flying and swimming.

Certain bad habits which are not healthy like nail biting and in the healing of allergies are communicated and later changed with new positive ones. Nurses are also able to use people’s beliefs as a tool for healing a number of illnesses and be able to create and maintain states of good health. In addition, it helps nurses to be able to separate symptoms of diseases from the causes thus warranting an effective action during treatment process (Thomson & Khan, 2008).

Once nurses have been capable of understanding the symptoms of certain diseases or illnesses, they will be in a strategic position of understanding the disease thus administering the best treatment to their patient’s which tends to successful. Neuro linguistic programming in health and therapy has got other roles of assisting people to be aware of their physical health and on how to deal with emotional baggage. Consequently, nurses can turn depression, anxiety, panic and stress of their patients into positive energy thus helping them to overcome those negative situations.

The NLP therapy will alter peoples’ critical voices into empowering voices and also help in turning grief and loss of individuals into supportive sense of presence. Nurses with knowledge of NLP will be able to enhance their own practice and the service they deliver to patients and this fosters an improved patient care. The tools used in coaching nurses and other health practitioners are effective thus they make a difference in their practice. Moreover, patients in health care are coached by the trained nurses who demonstrate value to them through an effective development which is accessible and fun to individuals.

NLP has proved to be an effective tool to nurses by helping them to deal with the overwhelming pressures presence in their working environments. It enhances their well being and abilities all round. In behavioral health, it has helped nurses to deal with frustrations of not being in a good position to help patients suffering from chronic conditions which do not have any discernable cause. The NLP technique helps to improve the nurses or practitioner-patients communication given that the techniques reduce patient’s anxiety while in the same time increasing their receptiveness to treatment.

Further, strategy is focused on the solutions desired by patients rather than on the problem by tailoring nurses’ communication system to the patient’s communication system. This guarantees a change of patients’ experience and interpretation of the medical event by determining their primary representational system. Neuro linguistic programming is applied by nurses in the treatment of psychiatric and mental health related cases (Darini, 2006). Given that mental health is a result of errors in the neuro-molecular structure, dealing with neurology of mentally ill people will help them a great deal.

The patients who have undergone psychiatric system are educated on how to take care of their neurology instead of use of victimization through drugs and electric shock by nurses. Lastly, it helps nurses to relieve pain of their patients by promoting meditative approach, relaxation and trance. The patients are placed in a relax mood where they meditate slowly till they find themselves in a trance especially when dealing with chronic pain. To sum all up, an effective communication between nurses and their patients is very crucial in ensuring proper health care to patients.

Being able to change the reasoning and perception of patients especially those with cancer and in need of palliative care which requires complexity and sensitivity of the information to be shared is very important. Given that communication can be learned and enhanced it provided room for improved health care in various fields in the nursing practices when dealing with their patients. Lastly people’s attitude and belief towards a condition or illness determines their commitment to it. Maintenance of privacy enabled patients to express their emotions openly.

Understanding of the context captured in the clinical documentation by NLP technology with transcription helps in determining medical situations and identification of the best health care to provide. This technology combines patients’ records with past data in order to provide effective medical care to patients. In addition NLP is better used in various professional grounds to pose positive attitude, beliefs and values to people with negative perceptions through communication. Thus, NLP is an effective tool in leading a successful, powerful and healthy life and should be incorporated in various disciplines in life.

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