Definition Of Multipurpose Programming

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Define multiple goal programming Explain two types of goal programming with multiple goals Define the graphical method for solving goal programming and Give the steps for solving a problem using the graphical method of goal programming] 4. What are the applications of queuing models. What is multiple server model of the queuing system. State its assumptions [Explain the application of queuing models in various areas Define the multiple server model and Explain the model with assumptions] 5. What are the various priority rules used in the process of sequencing? [Define sequencing and

Explain the priority rules used in the process of Sequencing] 6. Explain the concept of replacement models. What are the limitations of replacement models? [Define the concept of replacement models Explain the importance of replacement models Explain the limitations of replacement models] OMNI ENTERPRISES RESOURCE PLANNING 1 . Write short notes on: Type of information required at various levels of the enterprise Coordinateness Architecture (SO) factor for developing ERP systems Role of ERP in Sales and Distribution Trans-shipment [Type of information required at various levels of the enterprise Service-oriented

Architecture (SO) factor for developing ERP systems Role of ERP in Sales and Distribution Trans-shipment] 2. Write short notes on : Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Role of ERP Consultants Product Lifestyle Management (PALM) Collaborative CRM [Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Role of ERP Consultants Product Lifestyle Management (PALM) Collaborative CRM] 3. What are the benefits and features of ERP purchase module. [Listing of benefits of purchase module Description of features of purchase module] 4.

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What are the benefits and features of ERP financial module? [Listing of benefits of uncial module Description of features of financial module] 5. Case Study: Implementation of ERP HARM System at BBC BBC is a Us-based organization that operates several museums, research centers, and zoological parks. A few years back, the organization faced a number of issues in managing its human resource functions. This was due to the obsolescence of the existing human resource management system.

The old system of the organization was not able to provide accurate information related to employees. Considering the on-going issues, BBC decided to implement the latest version of ERP HARM system ladled Peoples HARMS IV. 8 from Software Performance Systems, Inc. The implementation of this system was divided into four phases. First Phase: Focused on implementing personnel management, benefits administration, and payroll administration functions. Second Phase: Focused on implementing Job requisition, labor relations, and workflow management features.

Third Phase: Concerned with the development of an organization-wide learning source to facilitate information and knowledge sharing. Fourth Phase: Focused on competency mapping and personnel development. The implementation of the ERP HARM system not only improved human resource functions but also increased the overall operational efficiency of the organization. Questions: a) Why was BBC facing problems related to HARM? How did they solve it? B) What are the advantages obtained by BBC after implementing the ERP HARM system? [a. List the HER problems BBC was facing.

List the four phases of implementation b. List the advantages obtained by BBC after implementing the ERP HARM(mentioned in the case as well as what you think are the advantages)] 6. Discuss the ERP selection criteria Explain the importance of selecting the right ERP system Explain the three major criteria for selecting an ERP system. ] MAMMON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 1 . What are the different factors affecting transportation decisions? [Description/ outline of different factors and its sub factors in students own words] 2. Write short notes on risk pooling. Description of risk pooling importance of risk pooling in SCM listing and summarization(along with suitable examples for each) of four types of risk pooling] 3. Read the following case study and answer the questions given the end of the case study Best Supplier Relationship Management: Jaguar Land Rover and Gobble & Partner Jaguar Land Rover production line 8 October 2013 | SIPS Supply Management Awards 2013 "Jaguar Land Rover LOUR) transformed its position in customer satisfaction surveys and enhanced the quality of its products through an innovative partnership with a key supplier.

By re-evaluating the way it deals with quality control and suppliers, Jaguar took top spot in the 2012 JDK Power Survey for customer satisfaction and Land Rover raced up the chart. In 2008, the survey put Jaguar at nine and Land Rover at 34 for quality, described by JELL as "clearly an unsatisfactory tuition" for a premium brand and stated that "something had to change". Component quality was identified as the key issue - for some suppliers the proportion of rejected parts was as high as 65 per cent - and some finished vehicles were being put into 'containment' due to faulty components.

This had knock-on effects including delayed customer shipments, production line stoppages that cost E,OHO per minute and the risk that faulty parts could make their way into completed vehicles. At the time, JELL was working with 16 different suppliers across three factories to undertake parts rework and containment, resulting in differing quality regimes and an inability to share data across the company. As a result, there was no single view of any given supplier's quality history, which made preventative action impossible.

A new director of quality was appointed who launched a review of quality across the supply chain that identified potential improvements that could be made to the inspection of incoming components from suppliers. The Inbound Materials Project was established and the 16 suppliers dealing with quality control were reduced to nee - Gobble & Partner (G) - who saw it as an opportunity to introduce innovations and boost investment in its Qatar quality management system, which totals E million to date. This evolved into a partnership between JELL and G.

Both realized that prevention was better than cure, and through Qatar they could identify the component suppliers causing the most problems. Those with a recurrent history of reject parts were subject to a more rigorous inspection regime. G aim is to ensure no faulty part ever arrives at JELL production facilities and they now work on the premises of high- sis suppliers to review quality processes. The firm is also working at Slur's new plant in China to ensure the right quality approach is in place from the beginning.

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