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I want to travel. I want to travel to any places, especially those popular with backpack tour. I’ve been asked, why do you want to travel? Well, I told him that I want to learn new things. Things like what? Things where our own country and home doesn't have. What do you mean by that? Any difference of our country and other countries? Well, of course there are. At least I want to see how the people lives at other countries. I want to see what our differences are, and what our similarities are as well. I can know how does their country work and operate.

Travelling is also, a way to relieve stress. So, why not travel? And also, you learn how to live in different conditions, in different ways, in different environment, surrounded by different people. You can learn how to communicate and interact with different people. You'll be amused by how other people respond to problems, what they think about issues. What do they think they should do to improve either themselves or the country? Travelling is also a challenge in a way, as it trains both our mentality and physicality.

In my opinion, it can broaden our mind as we can gain experience from our travelling. There's a saying, which I guess everyone had heard of before: Don't be a frog in the well. Because if we do, we are limiting ourselves to many other part and aspects of life that could have gone much better than you can imagine, and that's if you choose to be that way, 'cause there's no certainty if you'll do better, because life, has its ups and downs, how you want it to be, all depends on how you want it to be and how u respond and handle it.

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True story. Alright, let's go back to travelling. Hmmm... In a way, I do think that travelling brings out our true personality and character. Whether you're travelling alone or with some buddies, in travelling, most of the time, there's no doubt that you'll be letting yourself enjoy every moment of it. And that's where your true personality and character show itself. Hence, to be honest, I just realized that's what I want to achieve of all this time, finding my true self.

And I believe that's what life's purpose, finding our own selves. So, I’m kind of out of juice after writing this passage, it's just what I thought about travelling. I just simply can't imagine any disadvantage of it, except that it requires a lot of money, but I still believe there's some way to travel without much costing. So, you got any suggestion for me? I really appreciate it. But, no matter how, I’ll still be travelling, no matter where it is. Thanks for reading.

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