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The Scientist Who Wanted President Roosevelt to Test His Time Travelling Machine

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It's February 3rd 1909 and a scientist is working on a time traveling machine in

Washington D.C. and wants someone to test the time traveling machine to see if it works. But he doesn't want just no normal person he wants the President Theodore Roosevelt. So, the next day February 4th 1909 he knocks on the White House and the maid comes to the door and says "what do you want?" The scientist replys "I would like to have Theodore Roosevelt test out my time traveling machine" could you please tell him for me and have him come to my lab tomorrow if he would like. So the scientist leaves and the maid goes and tells Theodore Roosevelt and TR says I would love to go to his lab can you please have clear my schedule for tomorrow. So the next day he leaves the White House to head to the Lab.

He arrives and enters the lab where the scientist says hello and says thank you for wanting to test my time traveling machine, but one thing you should know about this is that I don't choose what year and day this goes to so be ready for anything and any time and you only have the day. So he starts the time machine and it zaps TR. TR goes into a trance like state, Now finally TR comes out of his trance and he finds himself in front of the White House but does not know what year it is. So he knocks on the door of the White House and asks what day and year it is and the woman replies February 5th 1809. TR thinks, then he asks who is in the White House now, The woman replies well Thomas Jefferson of course, you seem confused would you like to come in and eat with the president. So, TR enters the White House and enters the dinner room and sees Thomas Jefferson one of the presidents he hates so dearly, but would love to debate with.

Theodore Roosevelt: Hello Mr. President

Thomas Jefferson: Hello, Little Farmer

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TR: Excuse me I am no farmer

TJ: Then what are you ser?

TR: I am the President of the United States

TJ: Your absurd because I am the President

TR: No, I am the President of My time

TJ: What do you Mean? He asks

TR: I mean I am from the future

TJ: Ok Theodore so what would you like to talk about?

TR: I would like to talk about our political views and how we feel about certain things

TJ: Well to start off I am a strict constitutionalist and I believe that if it does not say that you

can do something in the constitution, then you can not do it. How about you Theodore?

TR: You may call me Teddy if you want Thomas.

TJ: Ok Teddy that sounds good.

TR: Now I totally disagree with you because I believe in free interpretation of the Constitution because if you need to do something that is for the betterment of the people or for the betterment of anything that you should be able to do that even if the constitution

doesn't say you can.

TJ: Why would you think that the constitution was written for a reason to state what we can and cannot do.

TR: Well if you believe that then why did you go against what you believe and go through with the Louisiana Purchase. The constitution never states you have the right to Purchase land.

TJ: I went through with the Louisiana purchase to expand the U.S. and I thought I am going against my own principles but only to expand and there was a reasonable reason for that.

TR: Well I am glad you put the nation's needs in front of yours. How about your thoughts on Foreign Policy

TJ: I believe in staying neutral

TR: Again that is absurd Mr.Jefferson because My belief on foreign policy is that the U.S. needs and needs to become a world power. The U.S. needs to increase the influence and prestige on the world. We must create a powerful defense in case a conflict arises with an enemy. I will not let anyone stand in my way, I will use force as it is needed so that our country is thought of as a strong and powerful and not as a weak nation.

TJ: As a Nation we have no time to deal with Foreign Policy, we need to focus on our own nation. We need to be able to deal with our own problems.

TR: Even when dealing with foreign policy you can still focus on our nations own problems all you are doing is becoming stronger and more influential.

TJ:Neutrality is the best way in not getting into any problems

TR: No Mr. Jefferson we must "speak softly and carry a big stick"

TJ: There is no need to spit in my face Mr. Roosevelt. That is rude.

TR: I imagine if your views are absurd as they have been that your views on social issues are much more absurd.

TJ: Well, I believe that the government should cut all possible cost, and that means cutting down the army and the navy, and should not intervene in people's lives and not regulate them. TR: Again Absurd you must regulate people, you must regulate business which is run by people because if you don't practices might be unfair, you must regulate business so the customers are getting a safe product and make sure workers are treated fairly, also you must conserve the environment for the future generations.

TJ: One thing I can tell is we don't agree on anything.

TR: Well Thank you for talking with me on your Political views and thank you for allowing

me in to eat with you, but I must leave now as I have little time till I will be taken back to my own time. Bye

So TR left and wandered around the streets for about an hour till he went back into a trance

like state. Then he got out of the trance like state and was back in the Lab. He told scientist he

was taken to 1809 where he had a debate with Thomas Jefferson on Political views and that

they did not agree at all. TR said I am so glad to be back in my own time and told the scientist that his time traveling machine definitely works but he might want to find a way to

make it so you can choose what day, month, and year you travel to. So TR left then and went back to his Normal life as President.

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