My Favourite Place in My House

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There are many places that i really like to spent my time. But, everyone has a room they tend to stay in more than others. That could be a room with specific colored walls, or just room that makes you to feel really good. For me, thats my bedroom. Thats my favourite place in my house, but and in the world, i guess. I think that nothing can describe someone better than their room. That little things in a room can describe a person more than anything, decoration, color of the walls...

When you enter to house the first door u can see are full of some old stickers. Behind them is my own peace of paradise. Its pretty much like any other room but i like it. Basically, there is a door, a window and bed like in any other room in the world. I recently painted walls to the bright green color. Its good for my concentration when i am studying or i just want to stay focused on something.

On left wall there are drawn logos of Football Club Partizan and their fans Grobari. There is always playing quiet music inside my room. I think that with these bright colors keeps it in some way alive. On the left side there is my bed, which i wouldnt exchange for anything on this crazy world. I could just laying on it for days. Under the window, which is on the middle wall, is my working desk. There is my computer on it with big sound system that drives my parent crazy.

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Next to the working desk is my acoustic guitar, and next to the guitar, on the right side of room, there is an desk with TV on it. On the right side is a wardrobe which is the most of time really messy. Finally, Iznad door is books shelf . To be honest, i don't like to read too much, so they are there just like decoration detail.. Why my bedroom is my favourite place? Well, its the place where no one bothers me. Its like my own private island where i am fully stocked with everything i need, such as food, music etc.

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