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My Favourite Writer

My Favorite Writer Robert Lynn Asprin, living in New Orleans, was born in 1946. He grew up in campus Ann-Arbor, in environment of book shops, museums and libraries. Since childhood he has got used to appreciate a variety in everything, study at Michigan University and services in army during the Vietnamese war have only strengthened this habit.

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Definitively Asprin’s outlook as a writer was generated 12 years which he has worked in accounts department of small firm – one of the American branches of corporation “Copier”. Interests and hobbies of the author are extremely various – from fencing and music to fishing and sewing.

By own recognition of the writer whom he only was not – the teacher of fencing, the Mongolian commander, the bookkeeper etc. Asprin begins from science fiction novels – more precisely, from science fiction action, sound, but quite traditional, like “Cold War of Money” (1977), his popularity was brought to him by cycle of novels “World of thieves”; he is till now the editor-in-chief of this cycle together with his wife Lynn Ebby. Since “the World of thieves” Asprin becomes that Asprin which is read by millions, – the magnificent master of a comic science fiction and fantasy.

After “The World of thieves” have followed “Ful’s Company” and well-known “Mythical Cycle”. In my opinion “Mythical Cycle” is so good that you can read it in one breath. However if in “Myth” except humor would be nothing, he wouldn’t receive that popularity what deservedly uses. Asprin’s books are distinguished by that, that you can see our daily life. Asprin’s heroes are real as we and relations between them are not less real, that certainly is a sign of the big literature. They love each other, scoff one at another, support and reject as well as we.