My Life in Five Years

My Life in Five Years Salvador Dali once said: “Do not fear perfection, you will never achieve it. ” Of course, I don’t expect to find perfection during the next five years, but I do imagine a positive and brilliant future life. I am self-confident, composed, self-controlled, cheerful and full of energy, and even humble. I don’t waste time; I can define a goal and know how to reach it, and I never leave things half done.

While I don’t claim to be able to predict where I will end up, there are a few things that I know for certain that I want to accomplish: I would like to improve my education and therefore career opportunities, where I can help solve other people’s problems, explore new places and meet new friends, and finally, build the house of my dreams and find someone in my life to share all that with. The family is the foundation of human society and my number one priority.

It is very important that a man’s family provides understanding and gives him moral support. Before any professional or financial success, a man must achieve family success—only then can he achieve something in his life. Therefore, I would be most grateful if I found someone to share my life with and start a family. The experience and pleasure that travel provides is a very important thing for any person.

In my opinion, traveling is a source of emotional and personal inspiration; therefore, I will visit such countries as USA, Canada, France, Italy and others. Traveling will help me make new friends around the world and be able to get out and about the people from diverse background, which I’m certain will enrich my own life, to be sure, but also the lives of those to whom I come in contact. Last but not least is my education and career. I have asked myself many times what I wanted to be.

A few years ago it was difficult to give a definite answer. I had changed my mind several times. During this past year I finally discovered what it was that I most wanted to pursue. I realized that my strongest desires were to continue specializing in innovative technologies, learn foreign languages, and most importantly, complete an MBA. Working with passion had always been my aim. I plan to do the work I love and hopefully earn good money as a bonus.

I will make it a habit of helping people solve their problems by means of finding opportunities to create products and services. According to Nikolay Ostrovskiy, “life is given to us but once and we must live it so as to feel no torturing regrets for wasted years. ” I realize that I won’t achieve perfection when it comes to all my dreams, but I recognize that life and time are both precious. I am committed to doing everything possible to make these goals become part of my five-year reality.

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My Life in Five Years
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