My Goals for Growing in College

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Last Updated: 24 Nov 2022
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When we speak of why we attend college most students speak without conviction. The majority of freshmen do not know why or what they want to do with their four years of college other than to obtain a degree in the major of their choice. We should all set a “realistic" goal for ourselves and ways to obtain it. My personal goal while I am here in college (other than achieving academic greatness) is to grow as a person, In this I plan to grow spiritually, mentally. and socially, My major at college is religion. I plan to become an evangelist and to do so I need as much knowledge of the bible as possible. Not only that but to grow spiritually as a human being. I am to face many trials in life and I feel as if going through school is a great way to better suit myself for situations I may face.

One thing I have done to help this is sit down with someone and listen to their stories. This way I can learn about people and their struggles and either help them or pray with them. It has been a great blessing in doing this. I have created close bonds with a great group of all kinds of people, But one set back on all of this is that it drains me mentally. On top of my struggles I have to deal with peoples struggles because they come to me for advice. Now I have always been the person people come to. Only recently was I able to establish why I am the “go to guy". And this is because in ministry you have to deal with peoples struggles and have to be ready to giver good biblical advice. So God has been training me all my life for this. It‘s kind of amazing knowing this now.

But It just drains you because you want to do all you can for someone else because my heart is always for those on need. I put others before me and that‘s just the way I know how to be. Is this bad? Well it has its ups and downs for sure, However in doing this is builds great social skills. It forces me to get out of my shy box and talk to people. Everyone wants someone to talk to or listen to. I will say there are times where I have not been the most social person but it’s something I am working on.

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Since coming to school I have actually been the most sociable person I have ever been. I have made a lot of friends already in the matter of 7 weeks. And that‘sjust from me becoming more sociable. That‘s not all though. I also have changed my aura around myself and have become a person people can be happy to be around. I believe a smile can change someone's day because it may be all what a person needs in life. So I smile more, and laugh more. But honestJy just saying “Hey, hope your day goes well" is what people really need, And so I tell everyone that I encounter to have a good day and smile as I say it. Growing as a person is not an easy task to do whatsoever.

But it’s something everyone faces at a certain point in their life. In 7 weeks I have grown spiritually, mentally, and socially. It feels nice to hear someone say to someone else “you’re a good guy". So I am glad to say so far my goal is at a positive slope and I will continue to grow as a human being. That way when it is time for me to enter ministry. I may be able to help those who come to me. But also I will be able to help any future child I may have.

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