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Bacteria Growing

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Bacteria grows everywhere and there is no way to hide from it. Bacteria can be harmful, but most are not. They're strategies to help kill bacteria on human skin. The answer is soap. It doesn't matter if the bacteria is from its natural source or a petri dish. There is always a cleaning substance out there ready to kill the bacteria that grows on our body and other places in the world.

People wonder what soap works the best and why it works the best. Microbiology is a branch of science that deals with understanding bacteria. A great deal of research has been done to figure out what kills bacteria. Scientist at the University of Toronto did research and believe that hand sanitizer works the best (Hall, 2012).

Bacteria is everywhere and scientist want to find the best resources to kill it fast and well. Cleaning agents are hard to find, but they are worth it when human hands end up clean. There are many substances that are used to wash your hands, but only some are used to kill bacteria. Microbiology is a branch of science that deals with microorganisms.

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Bacteria grow when one cell splits into two during a process called binary fission. This can happen in a matter of twenty minutes (How to Grow Bacteria, 2017). Bacteria grow in sets, one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and so on (Bacteria, n.d.). Bacteria can be harmful to the human body. That is why it is very important to keep clean. Bacteria can be grown using agar. Agar does not grow bacteria on it's own.

Agar is a red algae, that when it is mixed with water turns into a gel. Growing bacteria in petri dishes work better because it provides the nutrients and moisture to help it grow. Bacteria grow better in a moist and warm environment. Usually, water and oil don't mix. This causes water and oil to separate into two different layers. Soap then breaks up the oil into smaller pieces so it can mix with the water.This works because soap has molecules with two different ends.

The first end of the soap molecule loves water. Which is called hydrophilic. The other end hates water and is called hydrophobic. Hydrophilic ends will attach to the oil, as hydrophobic ends attach to the water. The drops of oil will then be removed under the running water. Soap causes bodies to be free of dirt and grease (Biology, n.d.).

This is an important process when washing your hands. Studies show that hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap work the best. Soap removes soil and germs from hands, while sanitizer evaporates the germs and bacteria found on hands (Kania, 2011). Some people love to use the colorful, smelly soaps that come in a variety of types. Does they really kill germs? Not always.

Not unless it contains antibacterial properties. Ethyl alcohol is also effective. Ethyl alcohol kills most bacteria and fungi. When putting hand sanitizer on human hands it takes between 15 and 30 seconds to kill 99.99% of bacteria, after one minute possibly 99.999% of bacteria. In order for the substance to kill that many germs, human hands need to continue to stay wet and let the substance evaporate after being used (Editors Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018).

In conclusion, bacteria grows everywhere, any day, and at any time. Bacteria can be harmful to the body, but bodies have immune systems to fight them off. Keeping clean is very important in order to have a healthy body. The delicious smelling soaps are not always the best. Beliefs are that hand sanitizer works the best and kills the most bacteria and fungi, although, some might think antibacterial soap does the trick.

Scientist who study microbiology have made important advances in learning how to keep people safe from bacteria. Ethyl alcohol is the most important ingredient to killing bacteria. Always keep clean to keep the harmful bacteria away.

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