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Titanic Research Paper

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The Titanic, a tragedy played by unpreparedness and faulty design. (¨Why did the Titanic Sink?¨) That is history, something we analyzed and improved on to never make that mistake again. Yet, why do we study the past, given all available knowledge? History, can at first, seem not as important as science or math, yet it does show a large purpose. Without history all of these important subjects would be pointless, society will be out of control, and religion would be not as we know it. (¨Why study History?¨)

In the first place, History holds much information about how people and society behave. Understanding this is difficult, and if we tried to learn how we behaved now we would struggle. How do we evaluate war and peace, the role religion plays in a household without historical materials. History is filled with data that could not be collected by experiments, and this serves as the most vital form of human behavior knowledge. People need to know how society functions to simply run their own lives, it tells us how the world we live in came to be, and how we could alter it. The past makes the present and so the future. According to the American Historical Association, ¨Any time we want to know why something happened like a shift in political dominance or why there are more people on death row.¨( We have to look at what caused these shifts.

Secondly, history provides a ground for moral understanding. It allows historyś students to study the lives of other individuals and how they acted in different situations. People going through adversity in historical settings can others. Family identity is established, and many businesses, communities, and organizations use historical identity. As in a family, a household’s characteristics can be tied to religion. Some religious practices are historically based and according to Yale History, ¨For many religions, the very fact of historical study is heretical; for other religions, historical thought is integral to religious practice¨ ( 'Religion in Context | Department of History.')

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Yet, the thought of history and how it affects us passes by. History is the study of the past, something that only happens once. Some even believe it would make sense to study something that will evolve or not change like math or English. According to Human progression, 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it' ( Santayana) We have been studying history yet we repeated it. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler both lead their armies into Russia and suffered horrific army loses. In 1812 Napoleon led an army of 600,000 men into Russia during winter. The weather was -22 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving them with as few as 10,000 men. In 1941 Adolf Hitler did the same thing, resulting in many men returning with missing finger, noses, and ears.

So why study history? The reason is, we must study history to fully grasp the human experience. When we study it, we acquire data that creates a base for religion, family identity, and moral influence. It allows us to learn and improve. It tells us about that world and how we can change it. Through accumulating skills and interpreting human records, we get a real grasp of how the world works.

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