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Children of Heaven Review

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Children of Heaven This movie made me very thankful for everything I have in my life, including my shoes. I found it sad that All could not Just speak up for himself. If All would have asked the man working the grocery store about the shoes, then he might not go to all the trouble in the first place. I found it sad that the children had to work, and never got to play. The quality of life for this family bothered me deeply, and it made me blessed for the childhood that I had. The kids in this movie worked almost as servants to the adults, maintained pristine manors, and showed great perseverance.

I noticed most of the adults in the movie were very strict, stern, and seemed like they were not afraid to beat a child. All made some of the highest grades in his class despite his hardships, he was a responsible kid. I Just don't understand why he did not speak up about the shoes to his teacher, principle, or coach. It was sad to see kids having to stick together, and share a pair of shoes to prevent one of them from getting a beating. All's sister should have asked the other girl wearing her shoes, where she got them.

The girl may have Just given them to her in exchange for the en, or when she received her new shoes. This movie was one hardship after another, heartbreaking for me to watch. It makes me want to donate shoes for children who may not have any at all. It was sad to see people In the movie live In lavish mansion, and then compare It to All's home. All's dad was paid very good for his gardening work, this money would be a precious asset to his family. When the man at the mosque gave All's dad the tools, this showed how the Islamic community supported the others In need. Overall It seemed Like a rough situation to me.

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Children of Heaven Review

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