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My Belief Story

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Family I believe your friends can sometimes be more of a family then your actual family. It's all because they choose to stand by your side. Your family is forced to. I can remember this one time I was wondering my neighborhood thinking about my dad and my great aunt. My dad passed away when I was only 7 months old, my great aunt when I was in 4th grade. I remember thinking about what we would be doing and whether or not we would still be together or not.

As I am walking around and thinking y friend that I have known for 10 years bumps into me. We hung out all of the time. Whether we were just sitting around each other houses or hanging out at a park but we spent most of our time on the bike path. He name is Kenny. As Kenny bumped Into me he saw the tears,that I had yet to notice myself, he stopped me. He had turned me around and gave me the biggest hug ever. After I felt his arms incased me I fell into a world of tears. Surrounded by sadness and despair, tears raining down upon my heart and washing away all hopes of happiness.

The waterworks had finally gun at that point, finally someone would actually listen to me. He had given everything I needed, he made me feel better. It was right around the time I was slowing down my waterworks when Kenny had asked me what was wrong. In the middle of my explanation of how I felt like my dad and great aunt hated me for who I was turning into, all he did was start hugging me again, I couldn't help but start crying again. After our little talk we became substantially closer. Now we can talk about anything.

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My Belief Story

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On another occasion my best friend Bella, who I had known for about a year, has eloped me deal work out some of my inner conflicts_We have gotten closer lately Close enough to be able to completely understand each other and now we can talk to each other about anything. Like this one time one of my sisters was talking about how there are so many problems that are going on at my old house. She was basically unloading all of her stress onto me. She was talking about how they have like no food and how no one wants to get a Job, so they are barely getting by on their monthly bills.

Then out of nowhere she starts asking me for money and I didn't want to sound eke a jerk and say no without a reason, even though I had the best reason in the world, I am too young to support her and I shouldn't have to even think about that. So Instead all I said was "Jess how much do you need? " and then I asked her "why are you coming to me for money? We aren't here to support you. The reason we don't live there anymore is because me and Liz had to endure the stress of not knowing whether or not the bills are going to be paid or not". When she left I knew she was passed off but I was only speaking the truth.

My friend Bella showed up but by then I had already gotten up from where I was sitting and was running in the direction of follow me. When she came into my room I turned away and immediately started pushing the tears away, I was determined not to let her get even a glimpse of me crying. I don't like crying in front of anyone. She came next to me and we started talking about it. "l can't take their stress anymore, it's Just too much for me to deal with, it was different when I was living there because I was forced to deal with it but owe I don't have to deal with it yet they come over and Just give me their problems.

I mean what the hell is wrong with them, I am too young to be dealing with stress that a twenty year old would have to deal with. I am so done". As we are talking I turned away to cry, I couldn't do it anymore. I was giving up. I started to think about everything that we have talked about and how much we have helped each other out with anything. That's what family is all about but when you have a family like mine, with the exception of my two sisters Amanda and Liz, that don't seem to care about nee another and are always at each other's throats trying to kill each other you don't get the Joy of what true family is like.

If everyone had friends that were close enough to be family, if not more then everyone would be happier to know that they have someone that wasn't in their family that they can count on. In all honesty there are going to be a lot of people that you know but only of those people are going to be you friends, people who wont play around with your friendship, people who will always stick closer to you then your closest family member.

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