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A Belief Essay

“I believe in God, the Father Almighty…” starts the famous Catholic prayer, the Apostle’s Creed.And this is how I will also start this paper.I am not a very religious person but I do believe in a Supreme Being, in God, in an invisible an invincible hand that has created everything there is in on earth.

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This belief of mine is probably one of the most difficult things to prove since no one has ever actually seen this God I am pertaining to. However, a lot of people share my belief and a proof of this is the many religions and religious sects all over the world.

The world kneels down and prays. Most of us pray for ourselves, our families, our relatives, our neighbors, even for people we do not know, and even for our enemies. We say our graces before and after meals; we close our eyes and talk to God before we rest for the night; and we blurt out God’s name when we are caught up in extremely tough situations. Why do we do these things? It’s as if prayers are our e-mails, text messages, or phone calls to the God we cannot see but can only feel.

We believe that somebody out or up there actually will read through our messages and reply or someone will answer our calls to listen to our pleas and eventually grant our wishes and fulfill our dreams. Even for not-so-religious or not-so-spiritual people, a simple “Thank God! ” or “Oh my God! ” is already an indirect or subtle acknowledgment that indeed there is a God. But where is God? Is he a male? Is she a female? Who knows? What I know is that when I was a kid, my Mom would always warn me to be good because someone up there in heaven is watching over my actions.

So I came to believe that God lives in the heavens, smiling every time I am obedient but frowning in times I am naughty. As I grew older, I knew about the church, the sacred place for worship. It is here where people honor and praise God. A united community gathers and celebrates God’s goodness. Prayers and songs of praise fill the air in glorifying God’s name. But still, no physical being comes down from heaven to join in the holy celebration. Now that I am much wiser, I am told that I can find God in my fellowmen – in my so-called brothers and sisters.

God can actually be anyone from my Dad, to the cab driver, to my teacher, to a beggar, to a waiter, to whomever who does good deeds. God can be in disguise, in nameless faces, in unfamiliar places, in unexpected circumstances. Wherever happiness and goodness exist, God definitely exists. The Bible, which has existed since time immemorial, is a living proof of God’s divine existence. Just like us today, the earliest people have felt God’s presence in their lives. However, just like us as well, they only knew God as the creator, the Supreme Being, the higher one.

Nobody knew God’s ways – how he/she looks, how he/she speaks, his/her mannerisms or hobbies, what have you. Except probably for films and TV shows that portray God either as an old man in a white shining robe or just plain white light, speaking in a mellow commanding voice, we know nothing of his/her true nature. What we know are the marvelous wondrous things God has done for us. I believe God knows what is best for each one of us that’s why we call him/her the great provider who gives us only the things – material or non-material, which we truly need.

God is the hand that showers us with blessings. God is the light that guides every step or endeavor we take. God is the teacher who teaches us valuable lessons to learn in life. God is the kind heart that forgives all our shortcomings. God is the perfect epitome of how we should all live our lives. In my life, I always adhere to “To see is to believe. ” But in the case of believing in God, not everything I do not see is unbelievable. I believe in God and will continue to do so. Why? Just simply call it faith.

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