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Buddhism: A Belief System

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A belief system is a form of human spirituality which is accompanied symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural “god” or savior at the height if it. Belief systems are usually expressed through prayer, rituals, meditation, music and dance, among many other things. It also reflects cultural or ancestral traditions in modern-day. My belief follows that of Buddhism or the path of the enlightened one. As a devout Buddhist I am force to refrain from many things. I am not allowed to take what is not given to me this is directed mostly towards thievery of all kinds.

Acts of violence are against my beliefs as well lying. Intoxicants that induce loss of mind or foolish behavior such as drugs or alcohol are a sinful substance. This thing shapes the course of my everyday life in all situations in this way my beliefs make up a religious belief system. I personally was born into Buddhism, my parents were also devout Buddhists. My parents taught my daily from birth the Buddhist religion and I faithfully follow it. I believe in its practices wholeheartedly. Practice of Buddhism is karma or, the belief anything you do will be repaid in the same manner.

For example, if I find a wallet on the ground and turn it in to the police station, I may come upon a positive financial gain in the future. My parents taught of this and many other practices of the Buddhist religion. Being born into Buddhism early life was not easy with so many clear cut rules to abide by, however, I have been devout since an early age and do not plan to change my ways in this lifetime. There are many more benefits than disadvantages in the Buddhist belief system. A disadvantage would be that fact alcohol cannot be consumed even in a social manner.

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This can sometimes ruin a small party of friends trying to have a good time. A benefit also comes along with the no alcohol rule which is prevention of alcoholism. This in turn helps me to be a better person and always have a clear mind. Another benefit of Buddhism is have a clearly stated no thievery law to abide my in my religion the people around me see me as a more trustworthy person. Finally, karma itself I see as a blessing as long as I do the right thing and treat people the right way then great things will become of me. Tradition plays a major role in the Buddhist belief system.

There are various holidays that Buddhists celebrate to recognize special moments or events in history or the present. Such as Visakha Puja which occurs on the full moon of the sixth month around the time of may. It is one of the most important days for Buddhists because it is the day that the Lord Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died. All three of these special events fell on the exact same day. Visakha Puja is usually celebrated with a sermon during the day and a candle lit celebration to pay respect to the Lord Buddha at night. This only one of many traditions that help shape the Buddhist religion.

Tradition plays a very important if the most important role in my belief system. The role of tradition in general is what makes a religion what it is. Tradition is the coincides with beliefs to make the basis of every religion. Without traditions a beliefs system would be nothing but a set of rules. It also reminds the followers the reason or spirit behind the religion they believe in. Christianity's Christmas or the Jewish Hanukkah is a reminder of the reason their ancestors began to follow their belief system.

Holidays like the Cristian and Catholic easter remind of the hardships their ancestors had to go through to believe what they believed in. Traditions are what help us keep our faith in what we believe is true even in the darkest of times. It is very important to be knowledgeable about religions other than your own. For instance something you do or say may be alright within your beliefs but within others may seem crazy or offensive. Religion is the very thing that drives some people so it's best you respect it. Knowing about other religions is also enlightening for yourself, knowing what other people believe to be true or their practices.

It is different to discriminate against someone religion than other tings because religion has no face or color of beliefs. To try and deny someone their beliefs is near inhuman. In conclusion, a belief system is that which binds a group of people together as well as a way of life. It is not just religion but our morales as well as our happiness and fear. A belief system is the basis of all mankind because everyone needs to believe in something.

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