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Movie: Film and Book

Nowadays, when many good novels are turned into good films, it can be tricky to decide which to enjoy first, the book or the film based on it.Reading the book is an intimate experience that can challenge your mind and tickle your heart.But watching the film is often more convenient, especially if you don’t have much time.

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Not to mention that you get to see beautiful scenery and often a fine leg and some nudity as well. ” During summer vacation, I read the book the hunger games.

It was a great book. The details were so well put together. In my opinion the movie was Just plain awful, I didn’t think it went well with the book. The book gives you more a visual look at it. The movie Just made it seem more spasmodic then it should have. What I comprehended from the book, Catkins Evergreen, the main character, was strong and fiery. When she went into battle, she knew exactly what she was fighting for. Catkins sometimes was in some muddle situations.

The dilemma was, that she had to survive the hunger games or die. Catkins survived along with PETA. What I comprehended from the movie, minors dying along with adults or teenagers. It made it seem like an awful environment to live in. It seems that everyone in the society was admonishing each other. Sometimes I like the movie better than the book. In this case, I liked more the book then the movie. But In my opinion, read the book first and then watch the movie.

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