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Money’s Affect on Self-Esteem

Let’s be realistic, money affects everyone. PROS: When it comes to making money depending on the amount, makes a person feel good. Who doesn’t feel those jittery moments whenever finding fifteen dollars in your just freshly washed jeans you pulled out from the dryer? I know I enjoy the feeling of having money, especially when I’ve needed it.

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Having money makes most human beings feel satisfied and calm. These are the advantages of always having money, all the time. It’s the power of feeling equal with the rest of the money hungry world. Security along with confidence is a pro when it comes to money’s effect on self-esteem.

Too much confidence? Leads to.. CONS: Whenever the average person does not have any income entering their life, it could become such an emotional spiral. Have you ever noticed how majority of the world runs on money? It’s half true, even the people who are filty rich believe in such. The disadvantage of having too much money makes those people become ungrateful, snobby, and just plain miserable. They fail to realize that money is not all that a person should depend on in this world. Yet of course no one believes in that due to our new technology, generation, and society.

People who don’t have money either feel hopeless in life or just happy. A percentage of those happy people are living their lives as a missing in action character. The others feeling hopeless have a low self-esteem. Low self-esteems damage a humans mind since we’re all adjusted to the feeling of needing this money that somehow gets us everywhere. My question is, how did the Native Americans along with the Pilgrims live life without money? Because our world now cannot live without such. The con to how money affects a person’s self-esteem is that money leads to being the root of all evil when you’re broke. All hell breaks loose in that life.