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Modern Day Frankenstein

In this article, I am to create a whole new version of Frankenstein from the old version made by Shelley.

Dr. Baltus Crane is a genius genetic doctor; he is a member of the genetic scientists who makes researches about developing human clones.

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It was a life of fame for him being such part of the organization but he chose to part from it because the other members could not agree with his idea of making a clone complete human-like creature. This idea came up to him because of his observation that clones are just a machine or robot-like things which will genetically inherit a cloned person’s genetic composition.

Dr Crane started to do his project isolating himself on a far island, he made his research about how human show emotion and how they express affection to make a clone perfectly human. The later genetic doctor created his called “obra”   with the help of his best friend Gene. Through out the scientific invention, Dr Crane made sure that the clone’s brain is totally developed as to function for executing commands and to know how to express emotions. The clone was named Genin which is an abbreviation for the word genetic invention; Genin is indeed perfect for Dr Crane because she is able to act as a solid human without any clue that she was just a clone.

After the long span of time that Dr Crane is far away from home, he then decided to visit his left family and stay for a while leaving his scientific product alone in the island. He went home to see his family and his wife but as he was to knock the door, no one opened. He entered his home to find out that his wife Sarah is already dead; was killed by a weird woman whom they have not yet seen before. Dr Crane decided to go back to the island since there is no longer a reason for him to stay in their home because his wife was already dead. His best friend Gene was always there to console him and give him the support he needed. They both went back to the island seeing Genin waiting for them at the front yard. Genin seeing the two together acting like couples made her mad so she went inside of the house.

Dr Crane started to busy himself for new further genetic researches and lost his time to give Genin the attention she wanted from her creator. Genin was then jealous of Gene who’s the only one allowed of disturbing Crane. She always watches them as they burn themselves out working hard for the new research but then she can no longer hold her temper.

Genin will kill Gene the day that Dr Crane get out of the house to do an important work in the city, after killing Gene, Genin decided to acquire her freedom. Wondering in the city, Genin thought of how much her creator meant to her that she could not stand seeing him with another woman or not seeing him at all and so she decided to go back to him.

Dr Crane was captured accusing him to be responsible for the death of his best friend Gene who was found dead at his laboratory. Right then Crane ought to find and destroy his invention to stop the crime earlier. In the city, Crane saw Genin wondering around watching the city lights and approached her, seemingly innocent, Genin admitted what she had done and why she had done such thing to the women that her creator so loved.

Crane realized that his creation was indeed almost perfect because she acts like a woman or a real person and she can express emotions but then she was not initialized regarding moralities and how to control her self in relation to her emotions. Because Dr Crane had no choice, he let out the knife he hid inside his pocket and stabbed Genin’s heart the moment she was close to him. Before Genin totally loss her breath, she told his creator that she was thankful he made her and that she was able to feel that she is a human even for a while.

Crane was taken to jail and acquired a severe illness that caused him to suffer and eventually died; he admitted that he killed his created clone but still stand out that he was innocent about his best friend’s death. The police conducted an investigation in Dr. Crane’s laboratory finding his diary into where he wrote all the details in his life regarding his works and other genetic researches.


In this story, Victor Frankenstein was depicted in the role of Dr. Baltus Crane wherein the monster-like that he created was a clone named Genin. Genin in this story depicts Frankenstein who killed Sarah as Baltus’ wife or in the story of Frankenstein was William who in the story is victor’s brother. The character that depicts Victor’s friend Henry was characterized as Gene in this story. The central crime that will cause the two characters to be murdered by the clone is the jealousy that the clone felt whenever a certain woman gets closer to the doctor.

This story could shock the readers by simply thinking if it is really possible to create a human clone that will definitely be like a perfect human-like being. It can also shock the readers through the question; is it possible to train a clone regarding how to feel certain emotions and showing of affection which will make them indistinguishable from a real human to a man-made man? Since there is no witness left to tell the story and evidence are the only things left, it would be necessary to have a narrator in this story.


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