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Mobile Phone and Habits Modern Gadgets

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Facilitating Communication

With devices like the cell phone, the BlackBerry and the laptop computer, people can communicate easily while on the go. Businesspeople can stay in touch with clients or the office while waiting for a plane or when in transit, which can increase their productivity. Parents can supply their children with cell phones so they can keep in touch with them when they're away from home. Texting allows individuals to exchange brief messages quickly without the need for face-to-face or telephone conversations. Shopping Habits Modern gadgets also influence how people conduct routine daily activities such as shopping. With the use of a computer with an Internet connection, consumers can easily compare products, gain a wide range of product information and conduct the entire shopping transaction without having to leave their homes or offices. According a 2009 Pew Research Center study, 80 percent of Americans age 33 to 44 indicated they purchased products online and 67 percent did their banking via the Internet.

Health and Safety Issues

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On the downside, overuse of electronic gadgets can have an adverse effect on health and safety. According to the Med India website, a Carnegie Mellon University study indicated, extensive use of the Internet or playing video games can lead to social isolation and even depression. Stress levels can also increase, as mobile communication devices can make it more difficult for users to disconnect from work and find time to relax. According to the Washington Post, a 2010 National Safety Council Study indicated that 28 percent of traffic accidents in the United States occur due to people talking on cell phones or texting while behind the wheel. Inappropriate Behavior In some cases, modern gadgets and their associated technologies can facilitate inappropriate behavior. Online predators can use the relative anonymity provided by an Internet chat room to pose as a teenager and lure a teen into a potentially dangerous situation. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter can provide convenient avenues for "cyber bullying," such as when teens use these vehicles to intimidate or humiliate other teens. Individuals may also use their cell phones to engage in threatening or harassing behavior via text messaging.

Mobile Phone and Habits Modern Gadgets essay

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