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George Is starting to appear as more of the leading character as most of the significant Interactions Involve him due to the fact that Leonie Is told specifically not to speak to anyone unless he has to until he can show that he can work and is a great person to have around the ranch.

Leonie - Leonie is beginning to appear as almost a child like character who the reader is brought to feel sorry for due to the fact he needs to be told what to do every time something occurs for example when he goes o drink water George needs to tell him to slow down or otherwise he will get sick. Example from chapter 1 supporting my comments: "Leonie! " he said sharply. "Leonie, for God' sakes don't drink so much. " Leonie continued to snort Into the pool. The small man leaned over and shook him by the shoulder. Leonie. You goanna be sick Like you was last night" George has always appeared resentful of Leonie from the beginning of the book due to mainly the fact that he was the reason they were forced from weed however there is also slight resent that doesn't always appear from just the basic need of Leonie which George is always required to take care of however he would never let Leonie know he feels this way. A quote to support this would be: Well, how the hell did she know you Jus' wanted to feel her dress?

She Jerks back and you hold on like it was a mouse. She yells and we got to hide in a irrigation ditch all day with guys looking' for us, and we got to sneak out in the dark and get auto the country. Leonie carries a dead mouse in his pocket as he Likes to have something to pat and most likely something that could keep him company, this shows the reader that he Is ere child and that we should probably feel sorry for him, as he doesn't exactly know social protocol and how to act properly.

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George and Leonie had to leave Weed due to the fact Leonie went up to a lady and felt her dress, she believed he was going to assault her and quickly told everyone that is what he did when really all he wanted to do was feel the fabric, a lynch mob was then formed to capture Leonie and they decided to quickly leave the town. George orders Leonie not to talk when they arrive at the weed so that the owners do not get the wrong impression of them and think they are stupid, instead George ants Leonie to show them how well he can work and then he can talk to them.

Itinerant workers Like George and Leonie are the loneliest people In the world because they are always traveling and usually alone so they can never stop to meet George and Leonie both dream of one day owning their own ranch where they can tend to animals like rabbits for George, this is important to both of them as it is what pushes them to continue on and fight for what they believe in. The opening scene of the novella describes the tranquility of the Salinas River; it describes a deep pool arched by the branches of sycamore trees.

Read this section closely and discuss the feeling and tone is creates. Why do you think Steinbeck writes so evocatively of this place? Choose THREE sentences or phrases from this opening section and analyses the techniques used by the author and discuss the effect created. Create a vocabulary section at the back of your workbook. Then, find FIVE words to start your list. Write out the word and the definition. Chapter 1 . Choose ONE of the following activities: Look back over Chapter One and find as many references as you can that compare Leonie to an animal.

What do you think this means? Make a list of these references and keep adding to it as you read the rest of the chapters. George and Leonie are obviously committed to each other, yet they often criticism each other. Make a list of the negative aspects of their relationship. Explain why you think they stay together in spite of this. Write a character profile of Leonie and George. Describe their physical characteristics, their personalities, hopes, dreams, similarities and difference. Chapter 1 Activity: B) George and Leonie have a lot of negative aspects, most of these are a result of

Lien's actions throughout their travels which often result in trouble for the pair however sometimes it is George who does something that Leonie despises. An example of something George does is trying to control everything Leonie does such as not allowing him to keep a dead mouse even though George is Just doing what is best for Leonie however he doesn't know that. Leonie is always doing something that antagonizes George or has negative effects towards him, the biggest one being that he was the reason they had to flee from Weed after a woman believed he was trying o assault her.

Chapter 2 - Questions The opening passage of chapter 2 really does convey the dullness of the bunkhouse conditions that they were stuck with or how prioritize work was by displaying how no attention was paid to the bunkhouse by the owners to set concentration on work. Steinbeck is trying to convey how dull the building truly is and that people who stay there get hardly any enjoyment but rather are simply there for a paycheck no matter the conditions. George is angered upon entering the house by finding the poison that kills bugs etc. which was put there by Whites, this may be used to introduce him by showing that he was a good morale man (trying to keep bugs away from the house). Candy shows that the boss is a "pretty nice fell" by telling the story of how one Christmas he brought a whole barrel of whisky for everyone to share. We learn he is not a laboring man by the description of his hand, which describes them as being without calluses. George tries to speak for Leonie as that is what they decided in the last chapter would happen so that Leonie would not appear stupid to the boss and would not get red.

He explains this to the boss by saying he is Just his friend but eventually gives up why he must speak for him and tells him to Just watch him work. "A guy on a ranch don't ever listen nor he don't ask no questions" This quote reveals that no one really cares about each other on the ranch and everything is money driven which Is the sole purpose in people being there. The threat of Curler could be significant to the duo as he may stop them from working at the ranch and ruining any dreams they have and would leave them in a very difficult situation.

George is concerned, as he believed they finally found a place to stay and it could be potentially ruined. Candy offers an insight into all of the other characters that live on the ranch and how they interact with everyone. Curlers wife is largely introduced as being a bit of a slut or being easy, Steinbeck infers this by allowing the other characters to describe all the types of men seen around her and how she is only liked because of her looks.

After being scared of how George reacted to Curlers wife's description George try to calm him down by assuring him that he would be safe and nothing would happen to him. Slim is portrayed as being of very high character and almost a lot better than others, weather he believes this as well is unknown however a lot of people both respect and fear him for the power over everyone else he holds.

Curler and his wife - The reader is able to gain insight into the relationship, which may craft the experiences George and Leonie face on the ranch due to the couple being so influential and the wife being so controlling meaning Curler could be relationship - We are able to gain more of an insight than we did in previous happens due to there finally being contact with other people, through this we learn just how dependent Leonie really is on George and how that will most likely craft what happens between the pair.

Their end goals - We learn of Just truly how much the pairs end goal of owning their own farm pushes them on to go through anything as long as in the end they have each other and their animals. Candy's relationship with his dog is a lot like George's relationship with Leonie: they both care for things that other people can't appreciate. - This shows an insight into tot relationships by Steinbeck comparing the two couples even though they could not be more different, This shows the reader that Candy does care for a of things despite his initial impression while also reaffirming the love George and Leonie have for each other.

She slang her pups last night, said Slim. "Nine fame. I drowned four of 'me right off. She couldn't feed that many. - This shows the hardships people have to go through on the farm and how quickly they Just have to get over it Chapter 3 - Questions George says that Leonie will want to sleep in the barn so that he can be with the puppies for as long as possible. O George explains that Leonie was in an accident as a child and is now a bit under developed which is why he travels with him to take care of him as he can not on his own.

What happened that made George stop playing dirty tricks on Leonie? George and Leonie had to flee from weed because of Lenses ignorance in thinking that he could go and touch a woman's dress, she took this as him assaulting her and a lynch mob was soon formed to hunt the pair of Wrongdoers' I believe Carlson is the one who made the decision to shoot Candy's dog. The letter holds significance has it shows how truly lonely people who stay on the ranch are from the writer's personal experience, the fact that he was literate may also be significant.

George allows Candy to live with them on the farm due to the money that Candy promised to provide which is about half needed to buy a whole farm. Curler attacks Leonie as he figured out he is very vulnerable and almost child like when really he is a coward. Curler agrees to not get Leonie fired to save himself the embarrassment of being beaten by Leonie who everyone now knows is 'stupid'. Leonie fears that for hurting Curler George will not let him tend the rabbits on their dream farm as punishment.

Chapter 4 - Questions Crooks seems to have a lot more possessions than anyone else on the farm firstly due to Just the length of time he has been there in comparison to everyone else and also he is a cripple so he normally Just stays in his home and keeps possessions to look at. Crooks instinct to not allow Leonie into his room is purely because of the segregation which was still active back then, Leonie did not understand this concept so crooks just did not let him inside. Crooks believes that everyone needs a companion Just so that they can have someone to talk to and trust in their life.

Crooks initial response is that he thinks they are Joking because they will never be able to own a farm together however after he realizes they already have some money for the land his attitude changes and he wants to stay with him if it ever does happen. Men are afraid to talk to Curlers wife because someone may then tell Curler who no matter what actually happened will believe anything and probably kick him or her off the farm. Curlers Wife dislikes talking to Curler because he always talked about abusing people and to begin with she never loved him.

Candy gives the reason that she liked them now after they don't believe she will get them fired. Crooks believes that he may soon be off the ranch and therefore can afford to take more risks he also has the backing of Candy, which motivates him. Candy tells Curlers wife that he hears the men coming which makes Candy then want to leave which is what Candy wanted. Quite racist. Chapter 5 - Questions Ellen accidental killed his own puppy by hitting it too hard when it was being subeditor.

Curlers wife shares with Leonie that she never liked Curler in the first place and also how she Just wants someone to talk to in a relationship. Curlers wife offers Leonie to caress her hair because she knows he likes soft things and she takes pride in her soft hair. Leonie kills Curlers wife because he thinks that she will scream and get him in trouble, which will result in either Leonie being kicked off the farm, or him not getting to tend to rabbits, the end result is much worse however. George says that Leonie can't escape and live on his own because he believes that

Leonie would not be able to survive on his own Candy's greatest fear is that their dream of owning a farm will not come true. Slim tells Leonie that if they catch Leonie instead of killing him that he would have to go to prison and that would be worse than death for him, like candy's dog for example where it was better to die. The men all think that Leonie is armed because Candy's gun was stolen however it was really George who took it. Carlson plans to shot Leonie right in the guts so that he would tumble over. Candy decides to look after Curlers wife while the others go off searching.

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