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Of mice and men Narrative Essay

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Revolver Is set In 1910 In a place mysteriously cold and desolate. How gig Anderson thought turn more and more towards a colt revolver, waiting to be used! Although It's set In 1910 and 1899 It's written In 2009 to show its still relevant today because of the mass shooting and major gun issues in the united States of America. There are numerous figurative descriptions of guns throughout the book.

For example Marcus Sedgwick writes on page 106 " Wolfs gun hovered like a cobra waiting to strike" this is smashing simile and on page 75 he writes " Fragile as a ream" this is a metaphor not only that but is a sticking and shocking contrast. On one hand the gun is reflected positively, it is shown powerful and dangerous. On the other hand the gun is sensitive and fragile. Some descriptions are hard to interpret and are ambiguous. The revolver is mainly reflected positively and as though hypnotic to believe It's positive.

In addition to these descriptions, the characters wealth the novel have very strong views. Inner for example describes a gun as a "princess's jewels in a case" this means that the gun is very valuable and is his pride. Inner loves guns and adores them and is his priced procession. On the other hand his wife and daughter Maria and Anne, they are absolutely against the ideas of guns they are extremely religious. Maria thinks of guns as the "Devils work" this means it is made the devil and only the devil would use such a thing.

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Anne is also against the idea of guns and knows its cruelty and dangers we find this out when she says "Explain both halves not Just the positives of the revolver" she knows that the gun is not Just pleasant and knows It can kill! Mr.. Salisbury supports their opinion, when he meets Elena in the bar and sees him with a gun he responds by saying "Don't bring a gun too place like this or everyone will end up dead" this shows us that he knows that It's a killer and dangerous. The novel begins with the death of Inner.

This shows that gun never have a good outcome, Inner loves guns and is very passionate about guns but this passion lead him to his death. It was proven as he was dead at the beginning. There is a very similar matter for Wolff, as he is obsessed with guns and in Revolver you may infer that Wolff has experience with guns. This obsession had leaded him to his death, when the gun back fired. Marcus Sedgwick moral in the book is that guns are pointless and always lead to death. On the other hand Nadia, Anne and Gig were against the gun and Gig tried to resist the gun as much as possible.

Their dislike towards gun made them all rich and successful. When they have the gold and their life was set. Marcus Sedgwick splits the novel Into eight different sections. Between these sections are quotes. Two quotes that I found interesting were "Mobs and murderers body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises. I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of our walks. " The first implies that the revolver is success and superior, with a gun you will be triumphal and you will rule.

Walt Whitman in 1857 is obviously passionate and agrees with guns. The second seems to agree with the first quote, by suggesting that the gun is your companion and will always be there for you. It also praises the gun. These approaches would have been different to nowadays as the gun in the late 1800 and early 1900 guns and revolver were priced and for a common man would have been very helpful nowadays the gun has only one purpose DEATH. This is why the opinions would have clashed. In the end Gig turns to the revolver, he realizes that there must be another way.

He left it all to faith he missed Wolff purposely. Wolff took the revolver and loaded it with his bullets and the gun had backfired and exploded his hand. In the end Wolff was sent to Jail where he died. The answer lies in the bible where they found the map to the gold. Marcus Sedgwick shows instead of relying on a piece of metal, rely in faith which is the strongest weapon. This leaves the reader feeling perplexed about guns. Teaching them it's not the answer to your problems but the beginning of you problems. This is the aim of Marcus Sedgwick in this novel to teach teenagers that guns are the Devils work.

In my opinion, Revolver leaves you feeling that guns are never the answer but the problem and you should always turn to faith. The overriding attitude towards guns in Revolver is contrasting but it's shown mainly negative but dangerous and powerful. For those that thought of it as positive had a negative outcome and those thought of it as negative had a very positive outcome they became rich and successful. In revolver Marcus Sedgwick is condoning the use of guns in society. He shows gun only ruder and end up sending senseless people to Jail for their entire life. He says there are more things you can do than rely on a revolver.

Of mice and men Narrative Essay essay

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