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Meance Ii Society

Corine James Menace Society II Caine Lawson was dealing with social structure theories and social learning theory. The choices Caine had to make was dealing with his past and he tries to better himself . That conclusion came with different kinds of criminal theories.

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Social learning theory is the focus on learning socially constructed meanings and beliefs through the association of family and peers. Caine had grown up in a rough black neighborhood filled with poverty, drugs, gangs, and death.

This process where we not only learn how to, but the why it’s to engage in criminal acts. Kelvin(O-Dog) reactions were related to latent trait theory and sociocultural theory. The scene were O-Do g shot a guy for nothing. The guy only want a fix from O-Dog and he just shot him for no reason. The sociocltural view shows that gangs are natural response to lower class life and the status generate boys who cannot realize their aspirations by their means. On a cultural level, youth are encourage to join gangs during periods of social, economic, and cultural turmoil.

Clifton Powell- Pernell relates to strain theory includes the scene were he tells caine that he has his blessing to date Ronnie. This is the guy Caine looked up to as a dad. According to this view because of strain and social isolation, have a unique lower-class culture that develops in disappointment. Ronnie played the strain theory dealing with raising a child on her on. The scene where she walks in on Caine shows her son a gun. Chauncy scene related to social theory in acting out insurance fraud.