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McDonalds and MTV

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Basically, an online game has an opportunity to penetrate wide markets due to the accessibility and efficiency of internet. Neopets was able to gain recognition in different parts of the world because of its concepts and game mechanics.

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McDonalds and MTV

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. In the case of Neopets, the demographics aspects of a certain country should also be considered in order to maintain the awareness of that market.

There are some countries that would probably embrace the idea of Neopets as an online game; however, there are some countries that may criticize the product for its concepts and game mechanics. Inevitably, the company would face different problems in market segmentation because not all countries accept the ideas of online games as easy as the other countries do to other brands. Since Neopets has created good reputation in producing online game that is less aggressive for young adults, it will be easy for the company to persuade the customers from different parts of the world to play this online game.

The partnership with prominent companies like McDonalds and MTV can be considered as company’s strength. In this case, the company needs to conduct a thorough research to be able to identify what concepts will be added in order to fit to the expectations of the people in a certain country. Since everyone has been playing online games, an established company like Neopets will definitely be able to penetrate the wider customers. Expanding the Neopets’ Territory A successful company would definitely receive criticisms and feedbacks either from other marketers or from the customers themselves.

In other words, regardless of how polished the concepts are, the company would still get feedbacks from the people that would serve as key to improve the product and services. Neopets is being criticized for making the young online players exposed to endless marketing of world merchandise. Due to its large market share, the marketers that use online marketing have eventually found Neopets’ site as useful in advertising their products to the market. The influential demand that the Neopets depict to their website will affect the psychological aspect of young individuals.

This is one of the main problems that the company faces in the market. Aside from that the spirit of competition and the desire to aim for more have been included in the feedbacks that the company gets from the society (Pace, 2006). On the other hand, the room for growth and improvement has been transparent for the company. Neopets can be played not only by youth but also the adults who love online games; however, the company needs to include this information in their promotions to persuade the adults to visit the site and try playing the phenomenal online game in this century.

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