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Music television or commonly known as MTV has been one of the network giants in the whole world. This is the television channel wherein all the music lovers rely heavily. Surprisingly, MTV have captured almost the whole world and have been successful in making new and old artists famous. Launched in 1992, MTV started to dominate Japan through their music and videos. However, unlike MTV channels in other countries, MTV Japan only focuses on local music and artists.

Through proper market segmentation, MTV has captured the attention and loyalty of the Japanese viewers. Since the people from this country patronize their own music, MTV made a very good decision in following the needs and wants of their target market. It is important that the marketers know the background aside from the needs and wants of the market. Known for being culture centered country, MTV used this fact in targeting the country. Apparently, MTV use psychographic segmentation because their target audience share the same beliefs, values, and lifestyles.

Despite many competitors, MTV is able to dominate the market because of their unique treatment among other MTV channels in the world. Showing and playing only local music videos, MTV have positioned themselves in a way which the audience would easily recognize them among other music channels. Consequently, if MTV preferred to show foreign rather than local music, this channel would never have had the chance to stay in Japan's entertainment industry for a long time.

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MTV has been introducing and showing foreign artists and music in other countries, however, they only focused on local music in Japan. This marketing plan has obviously bring MTV to the top of the competition. In order to succeed in marketplace, a certain product or service must be planned appropriately and perfectly so that the market would bite and patronize it despite their location in the world. Reference Nation Master. (2003). MTV Japan. Retrieved November 17, 2008 from

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