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Maslow/Bandura/Skinner – How Current Practice Is Influenced by Them

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Before you started activities indoor or outdoor you need to take into account the safety of all children and staff, ensuring that the environment is safe for the children and staff to play without any hazards. Some of the factors which need to taking into account when planning activities to ensure that the environment is healthy and safe are: -Ratio of staff to children to ensure that the activities in and out door is safe and that there is enough staff watching and helping children. -Children’s health needs to ensure that you are setting up activities to suit everyone needs and making sure that you take into account if you need extra staff for someone needs. - Risk assessment to be done before activities to look out for safety of all children and staff to make sure there are equipment is safe for children and that the will not come to any harm.


When you are planning for a healthy and safe indoor environment firstly you will need to make sure a room checks has been done and there is no hazard noticed in morning and to organise the room to make safety effectively, by ensuring there is enough space for the number of children to move around easily and be comfortable. There should be natural light with in the room to ensure the children work without being uncomfortable. If this is not possible that light sources should be used to help the children feel comfortable. The level of noises should be at a level so you don’t need to shout and the person you are communicating with can hear you. You need to take into account the needs of anyone with a disability such as physical disability, sensory impairment you will need to set out activities to suit their needs as well. All activities should be set up safety so there is not a hazard.

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When planning for healthy outdoor activities you will need to make sure that the garden check has been done and that you have another check before setting up activities. You will need to make sure that you have safety mat out for some activities so the children can’t harm themselves. The staff ratios needs to be right so there is enough staff to assistance people with special needs and that you ensure that all children are safe. You need to make sure that all equipment is age appropriate to ensure that a child is confidence to have ago and feel safe. Wearing appropriate clothes you can ask parent to bring in extra clothes and that the clothes there are wearing is suitable for the weather.

Health and safety is motioned and maintained by doing daily room and garden check and risk assessment on all equipment and doing risk assessment when going on outing ensuring that is it safe for all staff and children. When we have visit we make them sign in when arrived and make sure they sign themselves out when leaving, we have fire exit sign on all doors. When new staff come to our setting management will take them around the nursery to should them the fire exit and will explain what to do when the fire alarm goings off. We will should them the health and safety policy so there know what is required from them when at the setting. 1.3 And 1.4

There are many different of sources to enable to plan for a health and safety environment or services. You can look in books on the internet, ask you work colleagues and look at you policy and procedures and you text book. Some of the guidance that you will find on and in the above resources are: Employee duty which is a policy making sure that setting is and safe and that your setting is displaying health and safety posters, that you are keeping staff and visitors safe. Health and safe executive (HSE) this covers all the aspect of health and safety in all work environments and also provides guidance for those specifically working with children and young people.


(C.E) kite marks and lion marks to make sure there is age appropriate Control
Making sure that all cleaning products are in a locked cupboard and high up out of reach from children, you need to list all products that may calls hazard (risk assessment) .

Manual handling

All staff at my setting has got a manual handling certificate and has read the policy. Manual handling is put in place to guide you to not injuries yourself it could be anything from lifting a children or moving equipment not bending your knee and your posture.


Riddor is a report of a serious injury, disease. The ways we report a serious injury is we put all the details on an accident form with inform like child name, what happened, where it was, date time, what we need to make better and we have to get a senior member of staff to look at it and sign it, there will pass on to management who will put all details on an online form and inform necessary people. Fire drills

Making sure you know what to do when the fire alarm goes off. Beware of all fire posters and know the route of fire exit read your fire procedures know where to go and remember signing in sheets and first aid kit.

It is important to take a balanced approach to keep children safe and from harm. At the same time I need to encourage them to experience risk and challenges. If you remove all risks from children lives we could be risking to restrict them from learning and experience things. Sometime risks need to be avoided and wouldn’t be competent in our role of caring for children and young people if we didn’t protect them from these dangers (faulty electrical equipment is one example of danger) it is very important to teach children to manage dangers and risks for themselves. Allowing children to take risk will build children self-esteem and confidence this will learn children about safety and how to access risk they also gain responsibilities.

It is important to deal with dilemma and making the rights choices to help children and young people. A child should be able to safely explore and make decisions about risks with guidance from staff in setting. Children need to know how to control risk themselves by learning what safe boundaries are, by learning from staff. Staff should be showing and explaining how to recognise risks and dangers in the safest way possible. In the 2-3 room all children have free flow in and out the garden there are able to pick activities there would like to do. Staffs are around to guide them and to help them and explain any risk that may occur. Children may listen or may need reminding if you think there are at risk offer your help and then tell them the risk and danger there was in.

Reflexing account

J gets wooden blocks from unit there was some small ones and some big ones he said I want to build a big tower and push it over. C said to j you can build a big tower but you need to be care that it does fall on yourself or your peers; j said I am careful it will not fall over. C said do you want me to help you j replies no thanks I am big boy. J starts building a tower putting one on top of another he puts them on slowly and the tower starts to big and looks wobbly c says it going to fall j so don’t put more on it is very big now. J carry’s on putting blocks on and it falls on the floor and one falls on his foot j says that hurt me. C looks at j foot and he says it better now and begins to rebuild the tower again j says to c I am only going to build a little tower as it will not fall on me. J builds a little tower and stands up and claps himself it didn’t fall over yeah. EYMP 3

Promote children’s welfare and well-being in the early years

Welfare requirement within my setting knowing safeguarding /admission/setting policies there should all be up to date. We must take necessary steps to ensure this we must promote good health of all children within our care and steps to prevent the spread of infection from others within our care take appropriate action (Milton room and contain). When children are ill we must be sure there suitable people and staffing levels to appropriate to ensure to all children.

It is important that we are aware of nutrition needs and plan healthy meals/snacks for children on some occasions give advice to parents such as healthy food newsletters or leaflets. When serving food you need to wear gloves and an apron and be aware of potions sizes, this is important because children can become overweight. In my setting we have varies meals to suit the needs of the children e.g. vegetarian, food allergies. Every setting should have routines they should reflect the varying need all children within a group especially in term of sleep and rest.

It is important how we support the child such as providing new activities toys or simply encourage the child. The EYFS says it is important to work closely with parents, we can find out the needs of a child, you can also provide support and advise, sleep, toilet training and nutrition’s.

My line of reporting
Firstly I would write details down and then pass it to my senior would read it and ask any questions if needs she would pass on to the day care manager who is also healthy and safety manager and first aid.

*When child come into the setting the reception sign them into her register then the reception opens the security door and there parent walk into the room. In the 2-3 room will have a children self-register their picture are on the door outside and the children has to bring their picture in to room and put on a sign that says I am here today. It is down to the parent to sign next to their name what time they have dropped them out in to the room.

This is also double checked my staff in room to make sure it has been done. *when a parent or carer comes to the setting there are greeted by reception before there can entry main build to collect, if someone comes will don’t know to collect a child we will ask for children password and if we have not been inform or someone different collecting children we would report this to out day manger to contact parent to confirm collecting no one is able to go and get a children will out reception opening security door. *

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