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Management paper

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He argues that due to this mindset, millennial errors will expect a tangible set of defined rules and tasks, demand a flexible work schedule, and then wish to be positively affirmed at the end of every work day. If these expectations are not met, they will ditch their commitment in search for something else. EVIDENCE: Carbureted. Com survey: "85% of managers and HRS executives said they feel that millennial have stronger sense of entitlement than older workers. " ; Michigan State university and Nonstarters: half [of millennial] had moderate to high superiority beliefs about themselves.

Two-thirds would surf from Job to job If not satisfied. Of the two evidential pieces that are stated in the article, neither is based on fact and rather on broad surveys. It is difficult to draw a general conclusion from these surveys not only because the people they are given to are unknown, but also because how does one test superiority beliefs from a survey? Also also uses industry experts in order to strengthen his argument, which poses for more believable evidence because these people have first hand facts straight from their own experiences.

Since these facts are taken from a source's personal knowledge, the more respectable the source, the more credible their statements. RELIABILITY: In the article the evidence contains an Identified source, which makes evidence much more credible. Carbureted. Com and Nonstarters, two of the top most visited career search sites and do a large amount of work finding Jobs for people of the millennial generation coming out of college. Muss Employment Research Institute does much of its research on the transition from college to the working world and revised credible statistics analyzing the college labor market each year.

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Also also uses quotes and personal facts from Industry experts In order to give strength to his article. Using primary sources often builds credibility because these people have worked with and managed the new millennial first hand. OPPOSITION: Although Also does not give much word to the opposite end of the argument, he does say that "[Managers] will benefit from this generation's best and brightest. " Due to the millennial generation's excessive educational training with today's technology, social outworking, and multitasking, they will bring a lot to the table.

He Includes with his word to the opposition that, "Most will work hard if the task in engaging and promises a tangible payoff. " Near the end of the article, Also quotes Justine Pollster, a working millennial, who says that we should be allowed to drop out of the corporate world if our expectations are not met. Millennial expect to be given Jobs that make them think "multi-dimensionally"; they do not want to put their college education to waste. Cake millennial sound like demanding, spoiled brats, which in many cases is not true.

When Also uses the words "in need of attention and guidance" and "delicate" to describe the new workers, she makes them sound incapable of handling the stresses of the business world, completely denoting all they have learned about it in their education. Lastly when the author says that they are not loyal, it assumes that all millennial cannot be hardworking and responsible. PERSUASIVENESS: Due to Alloy's consistent, relevant evidence and clear thesis stated, he does well at resurging his audience of his viewpoint.

Unfortunately because of his lack of acknowledgement to the oppositional view, his argument is weakened. It seems as if the author hides the opposition for fear of it weakening his own argument. A key too good writer is being able to recognize the other side of the argument (exceptional educational experience, a new potential for our hurting economy) and persuade the audience against it. ASSUMPTIONS: The majority of the article is an assumption and addresses the millennial as a whole, as if they were all raised in the same way.

One example occurs when Also states that millennial do not have to worry about keeping a Job because they have their parents to fall back on. He does not give attention to the many people who were not given everything growing up and were provided a college education either by scholarship or student loans. He assumes that all millennial will be disloyal to their work if their "extremely high expectations" are not met. All of the argument is an personalization of this generation, which actually contains people from all backgrounds and social-economic standings.

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