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M.A.English Literature

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  • On every Answer Book and every supplement Issued to you, enter your Seat Number and other particulars.
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  • Do not write your Name or in any way reveal your identity anywhere in the answer book/ Supplements.
  • Write on both sides of each sheet. DO NOT TEAR OUT any sheet from the answer book/ Supplements.
  • Write your answer for each question on a new page.

Question Nos. 1,2,3 etc. , and subquestion nos. (a), (b), (c), or (I), (II), (III), etc. should invariably be written in the margin where the answer to the respective question or sub-question begins.

Each section should be answered separately (in separate books). Examination do not undertake to examine answers written in the wrong answer book. Tie together the answer book and supplements relating to the same section. Enter on the page of the answer book the total number of supplements including the answer book submitted. . All answer books and supplements issued to you, whether written or blank must be handed over back when the final bell is rung.

Candidate will NOT be allowed to leave the examination hall during the first half -an-hour or during the last ten minutes of each session of the examination. 8. Rough work, if any, must be done in pencil and on the left hand page of the answer book/ supplement and NOT on the question paper or the blotting-paper.

Candidate will be expelled from the examination hall if (I) he/ she brings any books, notes scribbling or scribbled paper; (II) he/ she speaks to or communicates with any other candidate; (III) he/ she takes away an answer book or supplement; (IV) he/ she disobeys any instructions issued by the conductor or the supervisor. 10. A warning bell will be rung ten minutes before the examination begins and the final bell at the close of each session of the examination. Writing or answer must stop with the final bell.

Candidate must not leave his/ her seat until all answer books are collected by the supervisor. 11. Student must carry their Photo ID Proof as follow : (Driving Licence/ PAN Card/ Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID Card/ Pass Port/ Employee ID Card). 12. If any Correction on Hall Ticket please contact University of Mumbai, Room No: 112, IDOL, Dr. S. D. Sharma Bhavan Vidyanagari Kalina Campus, Santacruz (East), Mumbai-400 098. Contact No: 2654 3241, 2654 3238

Please check your Name and Subjects carefully. Please check the date and time with the examination programme on notice board/ visit mu. ac. in/idol

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