LTG. Timothy J. Maude.

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Lieutenant General Timothy Maude was killed on September 11th 2001 in Pentagon attack. He had been serving as Deputy Chief of staff for Personnel in the army. He was born on 18th November 1947 in Indianapolis in India. His long character of understanding human spirit will never be forgotten.

According to him, the well being of civilians, veterans, families, retirees, and soldiers was determined by the concept of readiness within the force. The success within the army with a component of oneness was a standard that defined human nature which fostered a great attribute to him in providing and understanding of this phenomenon. According to him, the current young generations were aimed at providing a greater capacity than oneself which could oblige them in the aspect of duty as their most noble endeavor for the country. (

The future of the US army is to be influenced by his contributions and values in support of humanity founded on the influence of the army personnel. He had great love for his soldiers which even led to great sigh of devotion in the deepest and most genuine capacity. His long love trailed in the soldiers, the army and the whole country. In every of his action, commitment for his duty was cheerfully reflected. His death left many of his compassionate activities, contributions and values he exercised for the good of the country.

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His contribution as a G-1 officer remains remarkable in remembrance. He had a vision for the people in providing transformation through giving adequate standards for the persons providing human resource in the army. This is an aspect worth of emulation by others. (

He’s adequate affection and love of the people, army and country is perhaps the greatest epoch of values which the future commanders and army personnel should emulate. He serviced the cost of his roles with integrity which was occupied by his great will of revolution to provide the will and the good image of the country. According to him, his generosity in duty performance served to support the fundamental objectives allied to the G-1 occupation; well being, the force and the personnel. Generally, it was great for the Maude and the future army activity should emulate his advocacy.

As a warrant officer 1 in the army the actions, values and contributions of Maude should never be evaded. At one level, his love for the country, the army, the soldiers and the families should act as an example to other warranty officers. Elsewhere, his transformation attitude for the army personnel to a better personality is a key element of emulation. Nevertheless, he had a great vow in developing the human resource capacity through a good leadership model which should also be a character and value of emulation by other personnel.


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