Lord of the Flies

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Bianca Adams Ms. Knapp Honors English 16 April 2013 Lord of the Flies: Formal Essay The Bible is the number one selling book in the world almost every year. Christianity has had a huge influence on literature, and music today. A commonly known rapper named Tupac often uses God in his music. For example in his song “Only God Can Judge Me” he says “Oh my Lord, tell me what I'm livin for everybody’s droppin got me knockin on heaven's door.

Even though American Schools are secular environments, the Bible is still often represented in the curriculum. In the novel there are many ways to show that there’s an allegory towards the Bible. For example, William Golding uses his characters in the novel “Lord of the Flies” to symbolize Biblical ideas. In chapter 1 when the plane crashes with the choir boys, Ralph removes his clothes and bathes in the water, which shows an act of Baptism. Baptism is something that happens so your sins can be washed away.

Also the snake thing being referred to all the time in the book can relate to Satan in the garden of Eden. Satan often described himself as serpent. But unlike Adam & Eve the boys from the plane crash were mistaken about the creature. They were even unable to recognize the danger of evil within themselves that propels them to violence. Such as torturing the pigs in such a cruel way just to satisfy their hunger. Simon is the Christ figure

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