Logistics security and JIT

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All over the world high security availability, transport accessibility and reliability hold the key to successful distribution and consumption by the consumers. Due to the overall concerns for the rising terrorism threats security of the transit goods must be ensured to reduce the overall loss of to the producers which can kill the production system. New technology like Containerized Reservation Systems, Electronics Seal Track and Trace and advanced insurance coverage have ensured security and timely reception of the goods at the consumption points.

Supply chain management should be encouraged locally and internationally to increase availability of goods and services through out the world. Due to the great differences in prices of various consumer goods, supply chain management is the best method of marketing as it entrenches all the available means to avail the products to all the consumers at the fairest prices possible (Simchi-Levi et al, 2007).

As discussed above, it assists in specialization of the products production thereby enhancing profitability from the production processes in those companies. Assimilation of line smaller production industries has been a great step in nurturing them to fully blown production units in their areas of occurrence. Besides, Integration has been a major factor in establishing similar frameworks for operationalization of industries through out the globe.

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It has encouraged working together and adoption of high technology necessary for enhancing increased production and supply of goods and services (Lavassani, 2008). To increase the efficiency of the system, proper legislative and policy framework should be established to act as a major platform that will help in reducing the negative impacts arising from operationalization of Supply chain management. Increased ethical consideration that will act to reduce the negative impacts arising from overall integration in the Chain supply system should be effected.

Also, unhealthy competition to the small businesses as a result of chain supplies operation should be controlled to avoid increased negative impacts in terms of employment and investment loss.

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