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I'm talking about a keeping up with someone when the spotty light is off, the camera crew had left, when a school year Is almost up and that child's is struggling to past the next assignment, when they are so extracted by social media and you can take out a few seconds of your busy schedule and say, hey kid, I'm just checking on you to make sure your k, making sure your still good on your grades, attendance and still working toward your career goals. Is there anything I can help you with?

Just a simple meager like that to reach out each month to stay connected to your minute. I'm asking if you can take out the time to Join in with me for this purpose. Originally stated with the goal of housing this event on September 6, I've had to reschedule it for several reasons. You wouldn't believe all the word things that has tried to keep me from doing this event from people bashing out In me, greedy agents, sponsors sending fraud cashier checks, venue over booking, all kinds of madness.

But what has mad me strive to do this event Is not only am I using this event as a project for my dissertation for my doctoral degree but I have so many young people that are begging me to be apart of this event that it surprising me. I was a little nervous because I wanted to make sure I made it fun for them so they would want to come and get involved. I know we are competing with social media. When the little girl from our neighborhood was murdered a few months ago, I now social media had a lot to do with it, my baby daughter Is struggling with social media.

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She uses this new thing call "tab" (to be honest) to allow her friends to rage her. They rate each other from 1-10 in Mainstream and then they put symbols by the number they give you . If you don't get a high enough most kids go back and change their looks. Especially the girls, they change their hair, as make up, show more body arts and start transforming to change their ratings to become more acceptable. I've looked for my daughter & niece and they would be In the restroom, transforming to improve ratings.

I've found pictures of them where they look like grown women all professionals in your field to help me. This is event has grown over me and my budget. But I'm not asking for your money, I'm asking for your time. I need mentors. Guys, if you're actors, performers, athletes your participation is helpful because they can be in touch with some realistic in these careers that can keep them connected to hat career goal.

Doctors, lawyers, chefs, teachers, pastors, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, d]'s, seamstress, tailors, scientists, engineers, real estate agents, politicians, event planners, farmers, producers, laborers, travel agents, housewives, barbered, beauticians, models,graphic assigner, and any other career professional. We don't want to miss anyone. We want to stay connected the whole school year. This pep rally will be the Jump off for the project. We have an electronic seem to sigh up with parental consent and and after the event we will pair 5-7 kids with a mentor in he same field.

So we are teaching demodulating skills also. The mentor connects through Mainstream once a month and depending on scheduling, parental consent, teen participation and funding we will have pep rallies and other events to meet up for special occasions either as a whole or for the smaller groups. Will you Join me or respond for more details about the event. All mentors will be screened before being paired up whir the children. Thank for your time, and I look forward to working with you on you project. Special Thanks to The Epilepsy Foundation and Platinum Entertainment Group.

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