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Live until you die discussion

Essay Topic:

“Live until you die” is a broad phrase that can be interpreted differently depending on the individual who ponders upon on it.To me, living until one dies is simply having a quality of life, congruent to the individual’s terms and definition of it.Many people are trapped living in the past, or even in the future, instead of relishing on the present of today, and the now.

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In our society, a person who prepares for the future usually grows to be successful, but some of us get caught up within that mentality, and forget to enjoy the moment.

No one has time bought, and no one usually knows when one is going to die. Unfortunately, some people start “Living” once they know they have got their days on a countdown, but don’t we all? Believe one starts dying the very moment one is born. We are all aware that we are eventually going to die, but reality doesn’t usually settle in until one is living with a terminal illness.

Living until one dies is enjoying every second Of our lives in the most idealistic possible way, and this should not only relate to terminally al patients, but to anybody who is alive. Everybody should live as though they are dying, and as palliative care nurses, we can advocate for our patient and help them live until they die. Matzo, M. & Sherman, D. W. (2015) Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life. (4th deed. ) New York, NY:Springer.

Response: Non-pharmacology interventions such as guided imagery or relaxation exercises have various benefits such as “Increasing the individuals sense of intro, decreasing the feeling of weakness, improving the activity level and functional capacity, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing pain behavior and pain focus, reducing analgesic dosage without escalation of pain and thus reducing side effects of the treatment” (Matzo,. 475). I agree, before we as nurses conclude or do anything we must first assess the patient. What does this patient know about these alternative procedures?

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