Literature Review: Role of Decision Making using big-data in Predicting Health Behaviour:

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Health decisions that individuals make impersonate an extremely significant position in defining their health consequences. The decision making is additionally influenced by the degree to which patients are informed of their health situation, and the attempts they execute to protect their health (Coulter, Parsons, & Askham, 2008). Selves that possess good health results are the people that can be considered as the ones who are well aware of their health status and actively take part in selecting ways to develop it (Levinson, Kao, Kuby, & Thisted, 2005). Health behaviour's definition is very much elucidated by Kasl & Cobb, (1966) as “any activity undertaken by a person who believes himself to be healthy for preventing disease or detecting disease in an asymptomatic stage”. Additionally, there exist numerous other ideas for health behaviour that have been generated, one out of which acknowledges health behaviour as patterns and actions that strength has a favourable or disadvantageous effect on subsistence, or enhancement of health (Gochman, 1997).

While theories of health ought frequently implied associated with the study of illness and its administration and care aspects (Millstein & Irwin, 1987), several investigations have concentrated on the decision making of selves towards their health circumstances. Most health-related difficulties stem from inadequate practices such as indulging in bad drinking habits, smoking, physical inactivity, and material used (Jensen et al., 2011; Kahn et al., 2002; Prochaska & Velicer, 1997; Schwarzer, 2008).

The big-data gathered(Neetu Singh et al., n.d.), can be used in research, that can be used to see the amplifying consequence of social media exercises such as Facebook Likes to foretell the province wise mortality, diseases, or lifestyle practices in the United States (Gittelman et al., 2015). Moreover, the information ought to be managed to study whether a change in regional health led to health inequalities depending on demographics or ethnicity (Shah, Whitman, & Silva, 2006). Related investigations possess established a cause-effect connection between health circumstances and health behaviour (Chunara, Bouton, Ayers, & Brownstein, 2013; McGuire, Ford, & Okoro, 2007; Pucher, Buehler, Bassett, & Dannenberg, 2010). This research concentrates on the health decisions of people by following a design in their health circumstances.

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Main Challenges in Implementing Big Data in Healthcare:

Current actuality explicates that the rate of use of materials that would provide mass data gathering is developing. However, there remain still problems related to the irregular advancement of health care equipment in the world as well as the enthusiasm of characters to contribute data to be gathered and investigated.

So, in this case, one of the significant difficulties is the expenses that BDA is correlated with.

These costs mainly refer to:

  • the fundamental cost of building the BDA infrastructure
  • the cost of saving the data
  • the costs of data analysis.

For underdeveloped nations, these charges cannot be reached at this time. For the more advanced countries, convoying a cost-benefit examination is essential for any healthcare entity in order to determine if it is suitable to spend and begin using BDA. The issues of clinical union and utility have been mainly neglected.

Another difficulty refers to the patient’s privacy and security, as BDA devices tend to accumulate personal information exceeding healthcare data.

The third hurdle relates to the strength of the company’s BDA professionals to generate sufficient value for clients/victims to yield their recognition and the additional selection of the devices and recommendation for additional services. – (Jing, 2016).

The added difficulty can transpire from methodological problems, such as data feature, data, inequality and mobility, limitations of observational investigations, validation, analytical effects, and legal arguments (Choong and Hyung, 2017).


Big data is having more stronger and also influence on the field of healthcare. The extraordinary rate of tools(R. D. TODOR et al., n.d.) used by people will begin collecting data potential and the most advanced processing technologies will be capable to collect, analyse and make relevant results which will improve the condition of patient care and the overall performance of healthcare systems.

There is a definite trend of leading towards evidence-based medicine which involves making use of all clinical data accessible. Capturing and drawing together all the knowledge potential about a subject will give in time a more precise image for healthcare coordination, community health administration, and composed engagement and outreach.

Realizing this very broad aspect of the subject circumstances can also more economical and eventually eliminate redundant and choice testing, it will reduce errors in determining and designating drugs, and, most importantly, it will evade preventable mortality.


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