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Life Story – School Elections Application Essay

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I am interested in running for the position of Secretary of the National Honor Society so that I can assist the President and Vice President in making our school a better place. We, as members of this prestigious group, have the duty to involve Saucon Valley as a whole in order to do community service for the benefit of all. As Secretary, I plan to amp up the school spirit here at Saucon so that every individual student feels included and motivated to better our school and our community.

For example, the blood drive that NHS hosts every year can become a schoolwide effort with a little more enthusiasm. In previous years, many underclassmen ignore the blood drive completely because of their age and thus, their inability to donate blood. But if we were to make the event more “fun” as a whole, we could encourage students to get the word out to their parents, neighbors, or friends to get involved and donate their blood to those who need it.

And by “fun”, I imply decorations throughout the school, exaggerated morning announcements, offers of food, anything that will get the student body excited to share their blood! On a more serious note, aside from the blood drawing, I would like to say that I greatly represent the four pillars of NHS: Character, scholarship, service, and leadership. I always maintain a positive attitude, even when faced with frustrating tasks.

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I strive to better myself through education as well, taking my classes seriously and valuing my grades. I also attempt to help others as well as our Community, providing service wherever it is needed. And lastly, I know how to take control of a situation with stern kindness, leading with an efficient and thoughtful mindset. I firmly believe that these abilities qualify me for the position of Secretary. Thank you!

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