Life Influence on the Art of Edgar Allan Poe

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Tuesday Great literature is often influenced by the lives of those who write it. Edgar Allan Poe is a clear example of a life influencing art. Two tragic events or afflictions from Edgar Allan Poe's life that influence much of his writing are violent death and the use of alcohol. Each of these reflects into two stories each. The first tragic event would be violent death. This affliction comes up in many of his pieces of writing, especially in "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart". Examples from the poem "The Raven" that illustrate a heartbreaking death would be the loss of

Lenore, of course. Text support is the line "And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor" On many occasions Poe mentions the loss of his beloved Lenore. The violent, tragic roll comes into place when the raven says his sorrow and despair will go away nevermore. In "The Tell-Tale Heart", the narrator loves this old man; however he stalks him for 8 nights and murders him. After the murder, he buries the old man's body beneath the floor boards. These 2 tragic deaths express his feelings about how every woman he loved died a bloody, unfortunate, scary death due to tuberculosis.

The Tell-Tale Heart" is a great candidate for the second tragic event or affliction as well, being the use of alcohol. It doesn't make much sense that the narrator would kill somebody he loved, right? If you notice, he mentions his "disease", referring to alcoholism. The abuse of alcohol made him go mad. The second example out of text would be "The Black Cat". The narrator refers to the term "fiend intemperance" When he is overtaken with alcohol, he becomes more and more irritable and moody... so he killed his cat that loved him the more he hated it.

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In real life, Poe was known to use lcohol, which made him go insane. He became very irritable and crazy while under the influence and that definitely changed him for the worse. As you can see, Edgar Allan Poe incorporated many factors of his life and real dilemmas into his writing. Maybe that's why he was such a great writer, because it was how he expressed his true feelings. Some people play sports, some people draw, some people have other hobbies to express themselves, Poe wrote. Poe's stories and poems were indeed fiction, but definitely have a little bit of a realistic edge to them. poe essay By agullo

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